Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Tale of Maryland...

So this is really late, but I wanted to doctor up some of the photos that were taken of our trip to Maryland (because my camera is not very cooperative), so nevertheless... this is Maryland!

One of my best friends got married in Annapolis last weekend... It was beautiful! He is in the marines and she is a pastry chef. They live in North Carolina, but had a destination type wedding in Maryland...complete with lots of fun!

(I stole this picture from another friend)
The Bride and Groom walking through the sword arch

Downtown Annapolis!

My friend Molly being so crafty and painting Britney's cast to match her high heeled shoe for that day...

Rehearsal Luncheon
All the Bridesmaids and the Bride

Yes, the bride was on crutches (she broke her ankle skiing),
but she sure did pull it off beautifully!

Inside the Naval Academy where the ceremony was held...

Three high school friends still together!
(we missed you Mo!)

Yummy cake!
Both cakes were made by Charm City Cakes...as in Ace of Cakes
the show on the Food Network
They were so awesome!

This is the plane that the groom flies...
notice the crutches on the side...just for the bride

and p.s. the clouds were cotton candy!

Making their getaway! Watch out for those crutches!

Congrats to the Knickerbockers! It was a blast the whole weekend! And I'm glad we got to hang out with some other friends while we were there too! Maryland, you were good to me, I'll be back for some more crab cakes!

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