Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Spider Won

Yesterday I decided I needed to clean the downstairs. We have tile everywhere downstairs except for a big living room rug, so mopping was in the to-do list. I don't like mopping and I usually use the wonderful Swiffer method to spot clean the kitchen... but for the entire downstairs I must use the mop. Now I know you are thinking "eww" mops are gross, but I bleach mine and sterilize with hot water and then rinse after every use, so I'm going to say that its pretty clean. So began to mop...moving the rug...tackling the bathroom...and then it was time for the hallway to the kitchen.

Now, if you are a regular reader then you are aware of my enormous fear of spiders. If you are not a regular reader... then you are about to see how much I have arachnaphobia.

So, in order to clean the hallway I had to move a basket with some of my A&M paraphernalia to a chair, and then move the chair out of the hallway. So I pick up the basket, place it on the chair, and move the chair to the kitchen...and then I noticed the spider the size of a quarter (although at the time it felt like the size of grapefruit) crawling up my arm! Yes, up my arm. Of course I screamed and flung it off in whatever direction I could and proceeded to run for my life. I then began to sob uncontrollably while flinging my arms and jumping in the air so to knock off any other unwanted critters that might have happened to attach to my limbs. And then I called Robert, bless his heart, he probably thought I had gotten in a car wreck or something since I was crying uncontrollably...

So needless to say, I didn't finish cleaning. I left my house in a mess and left to go to a worship conference with our praise team and asked Robert to find the scary spider or I know I would not have been able to sleep that night. And my wonderful husband did find mr. mean spider. I can rest easy, knowing that one is no longer able to haunt me. Yes, I am away that there are spiders everywhere, but the big ones need to stay away... or else I'll just scream and cry.

Happy weekend!

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