Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ready for the season

So, this weekend was kinda a blurr just because we have been running around with friends here and family there and church things here and there... so I'm looking forward to this weekend when I might get some time at home to relax...along with the multitude of family and church outings of course (hey I love easter egg hunts and filling all the eggs with candy... that I eat some of on the way)...

But tonight with our youth we wanted to give them a detailed recollection of the Road to the Cross and Ressurection as we called it. So we had the teens sit on the floor (instead of our comfy church chairs), take their shoes off, and listen to as detailed an account of the events of Jesus' death that I could explain. I learned quite a bit about some events I didn't know much about in my studies preparing for tonight. Some interesting points I found were:

-Before Jesus was taken to Pilate, the chief priests of the Sanhedrin (that is the Jewish court) put Jesus to the trial. However, a jewish court, by law, is not able to sentence a man to death...this is why he was taken to Pilate.
-A Jewish court was also not supposed to meet at night...which they did to for Jesus...thereby breaking their own laws... tsk tsk
-Jesus was put on trial a total of 6 times... 3 for the Sanhedrin, 2 for Pilate, and 1 for Herod
-It is not recorded how far Jesus had to carry the cross, but at the time Jerusalem was .6 miles long, so He at least walked that far carrying that heavy tree.
-The place Jesus was crucified was called the Place of the Skull or Golgotha
-Jesus was placed on the cross at roughly 9:00 am on Friday morning...His last words were spoken at 3:00 pm that afternoon
-When Jesus spoke His last words, the temple curtain ripped from top to bottom. The curtain was 60 feet high, 30 feet wide, and as thick as a persons hand is wide...thats heavy duty
-There was not just one guard watching over the was between 4-18 soldiers... and when the Angel appeared to them after the stone was rolled away...they all fell to the ground in shock... what a bunch of strong men huh
-Jesus appeared for 40 days after His resurrection before He went up to be with God.
-Jesus suffered greatly, but He did it because He loves us.

God is just revealing to me more and more about His blessings, love, and mercy. I'm so thankful for all He's done in my life, and I hope you can say the same!

May you all have a great week!

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