Thursday, March 25, 2010

20ish Miles

So this post has really no purpose except to empty once again the contents that are floating inside my head...

Every weekday I drive approximately 20ish miles to my work in Odessa. I cruise on down I-20 at whatever speed it takes to get to work on time... within reason of course... and I spend the 25ish minutes to clear my head. Some people would find the 25ish minute drive to be a bore day after day or a hastle... but I look forward to it. Maybe its because I like my music cd's and the chance to sing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs... or maybe its because some days I just turn off the music and spend the time praying or singing whatever praise song comes to my head... or maybe because on my way home I have some time to catch up with friends on the phone (since cellphone use is not prohibited in Texas yet)... whatever the reason, its 25ish minutes to work and 25ish minutes from work that I get to make the most of.

Wednesday evening I was on my way home amongst an outrageous wind storm. Of course this is not out of the ordinary for west Texas... we have wind storms frequently... but this one was wrecking havock on my driving ability. I believe if there weren't fences lining I-20 that I would have been swept away by swarm of tumbleweeds and other debris. This frightened me quite a bit considering that there are alot of large trucks on my route and I could have been blown into one of their tires... yikes. I think its about time I get a more wind storm friendly vehicle... what do you think :)

I am so glad its Friday tomorrow...this afternoon seemed like it lasted 2 days worth of time and I'm ready for an afternoon to clean up my house (and get a hair cut). So I hope everyone has a great Friday, and I hope its not windy tomorrow!

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