Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is that?

So if you read this you should know how much I love the color Green. Today at work we had a baby shower for one of my coworkers and the colors were green and brown (so cute!). The plates were divided with the brown on top and the green on bottom...of course when I got there I dug to the bottom to get a way can I eat on brown when green is an option :)

Anyways, my amazing friend Molly gave me a Starbucks card for Valentine's (shes too good). So after praise team practice tonight I decided to pick up some coffee for Robert and I. I've been having some sinusy/throat scratchy kind of feelings this week so I was in the mood for some tea. Well I love Grey and Green tea... but I was also in the spirit to be adventurous and try something new... I wish I hadn't. Starbucks has this new fangled thing called Tea lattes... let me just tell you right now that tea and frothy milk do NOT mix. I ordered a green tea latte...I think grass put in a blender would have tasted and looked better! (sorry if anyone likes this drink, but eww!)

This was definitely not a green I could handle. When I got home, I let Robert smell it, took the lid off, and poured it down the drain. It looked disgusting, smelled gross, and I've decided that Green is my favorite color, but I will never Drink anything green ever again!

stay away from the tea latte! you have been warned ;)

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