Monday, February 8, 2010 I love thee

Heinz has done it again...If ketchup could've gotten better, it just did :)

My amazing husband, knowing my obsession for the delicious red condiment, sent me this STORY about the new Heinz Dip & Squeeze ketchup packet. I don't think I can wait till the fall for this to come out! I mean, look how cute this is...
My all time favorite ketchup packet has always been the Whataburger one...its conveniently square shape holds way more goodness than those boring flimsy packets do...and it can stand up straight... all qualities of a pleasing ketchup eating experience.
But it looks like now Whataburger may have some competition with many other food chains switching to this handy/dandy design featured above. I mean who doesn't like the option to squeeze or dip? Genius...just genius.

Maybe I should have gone to work for Heinz...then I could have free ketchup whenever I want it :) And yes, I am that much of a ketchup fan (even Santa gives me hughe cases of ketchup in my stocking)... I love Ketchup.

Thank you Heinz for devoting your time to thinking of better ways to satisy ketchup lovers like me :)

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