Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love These People

For Valentine's Day, Robert and I have been wanting to spend some quality time with our friends The Swansons...but we weren't able to until this past Friday... so we made it a fun celebration...

The Boys with their yummy coffee

Our amazing friends
celebrated 1 year of marriage Jan 31st

we had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and coffee with ice cream for dessert

The whole crew

Me and Molls

We had a blast hanging out with them, cooking fajitas, drinking lots of coffee (we are very much java people), and teaching them to play the amazing Dutch Blitz. We will also be spending some time together in Maryland in 2 weeks for a friends wedding...coffee and the Blitz will definitely be with us :)
Thank you friends!

Now its on to watch the Olympics, have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is that?

So if you read this you should know how much I love the color Green. Today at work we had a baby shower for one of my coworkers and the colors were green and brown (so cute!). The plates were divided with the brown on top and the green on bottom...of course when I got there I dug to the bottom to get a green...no way can I eat on brown when green is an option :)

Anyways, my amazing friend Molly gave me a Starbucks card for Valentine's (shes too good). So after praise team practice tonight I decided to pick up some coffee for Robert and I. I've been having some sinusy/throat scratchy kind of feelings this week so I was in the mood for some tea. Well I love Grey and Green tea... but I was also in the spirit to be adventurous and try something new... I wish I hadn't. Starbucks has this new fangled thing called Tea lattes... let me just tell you right now that tea and frothy milk do NOT mix. I ordered a green tea latte...I think grass put in a blender would have tasted and looked better! (sorry if anyone likes this drink, but eww!)

This was definitely not a green I could handle. When I got home, I let Robert smell it, took the lid off, and poured it down the drain. It looked disgusting, smelled gross, and I've decided that Green is my favorite color, but I will never Drink anything green ever again!

stay away from the tea latte! you have been warned ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lots of Love

So I realize I haven't posted in awhile and the honest truth is... we've been busy!

Last weekend, I helped throw a wedding shower for one of my best friends (she's getting married in Maryland in march, yay!) and it was a lot of work, but was so worth it! I believe I will have pictures to share from this soon!

And after cleaning up for the shower and experiencing a very busy work week (I'm really starting to feel like the professional I went to school to be!) Robert and I then prepared for a Valentine's Dinner for our church that was a fundraiser for our youth group... which means we baked alot of food, decorated some tables, and let the teenagers serve our church members... which was quite memorable :) It amazed me how hard it was for them to say Balsamic Vinagrette...I heard most of them just left that dressing option out. It was alot of fun and the youth raised alot of money so it was worth the hard work :)

AND then to add on that Robert is trying to complete some school courses online whilst working, doing the youth, and dealing with his dysfunctional computer...I would say we have been busy.

Our Valentine's Day was mostly filled with lots of Lasagna from the Youth dinner, but we did manage to slow down and watch a movie together yesterday and head to dinner at Wall Street Grill tonight (yum) followed by ice cream at Baskin Robbins (peanut butter and chocolate is my favorite!).

No matter how busy we are though, I love Robert and I wouldn't trade anything about our lives!
I'm so blessed! May you have a blessed week!

(yay only 3.5 days of work this week!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ketchup...how I love thee

Heinz has done it again...If ketchup could've gotten better, it just did :)

My amazing husband, knowing my obsession for the delicious red condiment, sent me this STORY about the new Heinz Dip & Squeeze ketchup packet. I don't think I can wait till the fall for this to come out! I mean, look how cute this is...
My all time favorite ketchup packet has always been the Whataburger one...its conveniently square shape holds way more goodness than those boring flimsy packets do...and it can stand up straight... all qualities of a pleasing ketchup eating experience.
But it looks like now Whataburger may have some competition with many other food chains switching to this handy/dandy design featured above. I mean who doesn't like the option to squeeze or dip? Genius...just genius.

Maybe I should have gone to work for Heinz...then I could have free ketchup whenever I want it :) And yes, I am that much of a ketchup fan (even Santa gives me hughe cases of ketchup in my stocking)... I love Ketchup.

Thank you Heinz for devoting your time to thinking of better ways to satisy ketchup lovers like me :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Warning Signs

Due to some recent health events with my coworkers and family I've decided that the general public is very much unaware of simple warning signs of major health problems. So for you (free!), this is your friendly physical therapist providing simple warning signs of health conditions requiring immediate medical attention. If you are with anyone who experiences any of these symptoms... call 911 right away!

-a decrease in brain function due to a problem with the blood supply (either a major blood leak or a clot)
-If someone shows difficulty walking, confusion, and/or loss of balance, have them do these things:
  • Smile: one side of the face will droop
  • Raise (their arms): one will not raise as high
  • Repeat (a simple sentence): such as "the sky is blue", they will have slurred words or difficulty overall.

-an interruption of blood supply to the heart, causing part of the heart to die
-signs can be sudden or come on slowly and include:
  • Chest pain: a heaviness (like an elephant sitting on your chest) or a squeezing pain
  • Shortness of breath: hard to catch your breath
  • Sweating: with normal (non-strenuous activity)
  • Pain in the neck, arms, jaw, stomach, or back.
-a decrease in blood flow to certain body tissues (which means oxygen and nutrients aren't going where they are most needed!)
-many different kinds, but in general the signs include:
  • fast heart beat or pulse
  • sudden drop in blood pressure (feeling faint or looking pale)
  • cool and clammy skin
  • anxiety
  • fast and shallow breathing
-If someone has these signs, have them lie down in a cool place, elevate their legs, and try to keep them calm
-Do NOT give them water
-If there is open bleeding, place pressure on the wound site to stop the blood flow

-excessive neural activity in the brain
-If someone begins to have convulsions (rapid, uncontrolled movements) with a loss of consciousness, do NOT restrain them. Simply remove harmful things from the environment to prevent them from hurting themselves.
-when able place the person in the recovery position- lying on their left side
-911 only needs to be called if this is not a familiar person, the first known seizure, or if the episode lasts longer than 5 minutes.

-a sudden loss of heart function
-The person will lose consciousness (be unresponsive) and stop breathing or have abnormal breathing
-Call 911, then begin CPR if able:
  • tilt the head back
  • look for breaths and feel for a pulse
  • If both absent, give 2 breaths
  • then give 30 chest compressions (use the palm of the hand over the middle of the chest) followed by 2 breaths, repeat

I know this is not my normal kind of posting, but it helps to be in the know. NEVER BE AFRAID TO TAKE SOMEONE TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM, its better to be safe! Just want to keep all my loves ones around longer and I'm sure you do to!