Thursday, January 28, 2010


So there is this bakery in Midland called Gigi's Cupcakes...and they are delicious :) I bought these two one day a few weeks ago to give myself and a friend a treat for the day... they are so big! You can check out all of the different kinds at their website

Yummy :)

Rob and I will be going to Ruidoso this weekend (if we can make it there with all the funky weather going on), I can't wait to have some time with him away from everything.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Impression

Now that I'm not spending my time studying (although I am still reviewing different treatment techniques) I have more time to sit and think about... nothing :)

But if you know me, you know that I can't think about nothing... I'm always thinking of something... but none-the-less I've had time to think of things. The most important thing on my mind has been about first impressions. I get to make a first impression at least 10-15 times a day at my new job. I know that number will decrease slightly, but I'm still going to be meeting new patients and parents every week if not every day... But what kind of first impression do I make?

I would hope that people would see that I'm a person who likes to smile and spend time with other people (especially kids).
I would hope that people would see that there is something different about me (and that something is that I love Jesus Christ :)
I would hope that people would see that I'm a very happily and joyfully married woman
I would hope that people would see that I have a passion for physical therapy, even when I may be unfamiliar with the diagnosis
I would hope that people would see that I'm not perfect, but I give my all at my job and my life
I would hope that people would see that I try to be early, on time, ahead of the game, and as prepared as possible for all that life holds
I would hope that people would see that I am loved, and want to share that love

what first impression do you portray?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the future begins...

So I have been spending the last several months.. and most heavily this past month... studying my life away for the national PT Licensure test. And I'm proud to announce that I PASSED! Its just one more milestone complete in my life and I'm so thankful to God for all the amazing blessings He has given me and Robert in the last few years. He is SO good!

AND I started work on Wednesday at my amazing job where I get to work with kids and adults and a great staff. It may sound kiddish, but I was so excited to get a key to the building and know that I will actually be forming my career here and not just a few weeks of free labor (as was true on my clinical rotations). My job may be a little overwhelming the first few days/weeks, but I know I'll get in my groove later!

Lastly, one of my professors emailed me this picture that was in the Abilene newspaper after graduation... I already miss my classmates!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


So I haven't updated in awhile (sorry!) but I haven't started working yet and I am trying to accomplish my goal to clean the whole townhome before I do! And we have just found ourselves happily busy with family and friend events... showers, playing lots of SuperMario Brothers on Wii, watching football, and just hanging out. But exciting things to come include a special out of town trip and some decorating ideas for our home.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Blitz

So over Christmas my cousin from West Virginia introduced our family to this card game called Dutch Blitz

We are now ADDICTED to this game... and I mean ADDICTED. I've already had dreams about playing this game and whenever Robert and I get a chance, we call my parents (who have a deck) and we waste countless hours playing this game.

I would attempt to explain to you this game, but the cards above are only half of what makes it so unique. If you really want to know what it entails watch this:

All I can say is this is the game of the century for our family and I will probably play this continually until I if you need a new game to play with family/friend...get this one!!

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Ode to 2009

So I lied, its not really an ode, but more of a recap of all the things that occured. I would say 2009 was a very challenging year for me (and Robert) and remembering everything that happened only makes me more excited for 2010! So here is my timeline recap...(yes Nikki I copied)

January: Rob and I went to Connecticut and Vermont to go skiing with his best friend and it was gorgeous, started my last semester of class ever of PT school or any school for that matter, and had the pleasure of helping in my dear friend Molly's wedding.

February: Rob and I continued our long distant relationship as he drove up to North Dakota (in like -523 degree weather...or there about), I presented my groups research project to our community and said a temporary goodbye to all my PT buddies as we finished up our class work to head out on clinicals.

March: Packed up our apartment to prepare for our later move, Jammed my car with as much stuff as I could handle and traveled to College Station, Stayed with one of my very dear friends and her family (miss them) and became a Schmidt for 7 weeks while working with stroke/Spinal cord/and just funny elderly patients, Robert came back from North Dakota and then was sent to West Virginia, Our niece A turned 3, I missed my cousins wedding thanks to some bad weather near Houston, and went on the best weekend getaway with Robert to the Messina Hoff Winery in Bryan, TX.

April: Robert got back from WV and had just one week to pack up the rest of our apartment before I left College Station (and Freebirds and Wings'n'More and... ok I'll stop) to return to Abilene, I had one night to help finalize the packing before our family showed up the next day and drove us to Midland, Loaded our stuff into a storage unit and moved into his parent's house.

May: Came down with nasty pink eye the day before I left for McKinney, TX to work in an outpatient facility for 7 weeks, lived with a very fun family and got to see lots of my friends in the Dallas area, JD turned 4 and my dad turned 47, all the while Robert began work at his now current job in Midland.

June: We celebrated out 2nd anniversary up in Dallas, Saw Wizard of Oz with my amazing friends Ashley and Tracy in Dallas, and our other niece MJ turned 4.

July: I moved back to Midland and Robert and I celebrated with our family over the termination of our long distance relationship...this is the best thing about 2009, I began my next rotation in Odessa at their hospital doing wound care and acute physical therapy

August: Continued the hospital rotation and came down with the worst sickness I've ever had, but at least I was home, Rob and I took over the youth group at our church and kicked everything off with a trip to Rock the Desert where I got to see Anberlin live :), had the last 2 weeks of August off to relax, and we moved into our townhome which is amazing

September: started my last rotation at a rehab center for children in Midland and took a trip to Six Flags over Dallas with the youth group

October:Continued to learn all there is about working with children, I turned 25 (woah), my mom turned 47, and our smallest niece MB turned 1, it was the month of birthday cake around here

November: Robert turned 24 with the best checkerboard cake ever made and my brother got older as well, spent Thanksgiving in Dallas with my parent's car getting broken into, lots of food with lots of family, and some amazing Black Friday deals

December: Finished my rotation at Midland Children's and said goodbye to some great people there, Traveled to Dallas for a bachellorete party for one of my fellow PT classmates and then spent the next week in Abilene for one last week of recap class, Graduated with my doctorate in physical therapy, accepted a job in Odessa, welcomed our newest nephew JA into the world, and had a very eventful Christmas and New Years with some amazing people

So thats 2009... no more long distance for Robert and I and no more school for me ever! I'm just glad that 2010 will be our first year officially together for the whole year! Sorry that was long, but I was really doing it for myself to remember everything and to prepare myself for setting my sites high for 2010. God is doing something amazing so keep your eyes open...2010 is here.