Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Ahead while Remember the Past

Happy New Year! 2010 is almost a blur now, so much happened this year! This is the recap blog, here we go!

I started my first job as an official Doctor of Physical Therapy at Permian Basin Rehab Center. I'm still in love with my job and all the wonderful people I work with... can't wait for more lives to change in 2011.
We also took a trip to Ruidoso to celebrate when I passed my National Licensing test! We made the trip with Robert's parents just to relax and shop.

The teens hosted a Valentine's dinner fundraiser and it was a hit! We will be repeating it again next year...
I can't remember anything else about February...

One of my best friend's, Britney, got married in Maryland! It was such a great trip and I'm so happy for her and her husband!
Meanwhile our other friend, Morgan had her first child! She is a cutie too

We bought a house! I still can't believe we are here, but we definitely are grateful for all the blessings God has given us. It has also been a joy to open up our home for church activities and friends :)
Robert and I also celebrated our 8 year anniversary as a couple... and I love him more and more each day!

We said goodbye to the Townhome and moved into the house.

bye bye townhome

We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary! Can't you tell that we love each other more and more... :)
Then we took the Teens to Youth Camp!

We took a trip to Dallas to see some friends and family.
and to buy a new car!

And I went to Austin for a bachelorette party for my dear friend Stephanie
And sadly we had to say goodbye to a wonderful family in our church, it was especially hard because that meant we lost one member of our youth group. We miss you Yair!

Rock the Desert! We had a great time with the teens at this weekend long christian music celebration. And as you can see we made cool shirts :)
Our church also hosted a free clothing giveaway for the families in town to provide clothes before the fall/school year began. It was a great turn out and God truly touched some lives that weekend!
Our annual trip to Six Flags with the teens!
I took a wonderful vacation to College Station with my favorite girls- Roomate Reunion!

I turned 26... kinda scary, but I plan to have fun this year :)
We bought new bedroom furniture :) King size bed yay!
Halloween- well we don't really celebrate this, but we do like to support the cute kids who dress up... although I did run out of candy at my house, boo. Still, its fun to see all the nieces and nephews dressed up:

Robert turned 25! and my brother turned 28 (old man) hehe...
Thanksgiving with the Fowlers meant lots of delicious food and time for playing games.

Stephanie and Chris's wedding! It was a fun celebration and it was good to see lots of friends!
Plus a relaxing Christmas and a busy end to the year at work and with the teens and at church and in all our endeavors!

Thank you 2010. For all the tears and laughs, new joys and goodbyes...
2011, you have big shoes to fill.... what will you hold?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Yes I know Christmas was yesterday, but its still Christmas week :)
This was a very merry Christmas spent with lots of family and these two cute things:

On Friday night (Christmas Eve) Robert and I helped my brother with his candlelight service at his church and then we helped "Santa" put together my nephews trampoline... which meant my sister-in-law and I took the kids to Sonic and made them eat in the car for about 45 minutes until we were safe to return to the house... it was quite amusing but they played along :)

This was our Christmas picture of this year... hopefully we can have a better quality one next year, but Grandpa didn't do too bad taking this...

Christmas day Robert and I enjoyed our first Christmas in our home together with cinamon rolls for breakfast and a quick gift exchange before heading to my parents to see the family. And of course we ate alot... alot. It was very relaxing and turned out to be a gorgeous day!

This is just one of my other favorites with JD

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and remembered that this season is about Christ giving up His throne in heaven to come to Earth and prepare a place for us to live eternally! Thank you Jesus!

For now, its back to early morning workouts and work till I'm off Thursday and Friday :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Decorize Time

I would love to share with you all our decorative spirit for this season! I was so excited to have my own home to fill with festivity that Robert and I may have gone overboard, but here are just a few pictures of our favorite spots in the house... Merry Christmas!

I love my fireplace!

I had alot of fun making this wreath... bought the wreath at lowes ($50), then bought the decorations at Miss Cayce's Christmas Store ($100)

We just changed the stockings, these are our old ones, but they just didn't fit in with the large white stone, although they will always be our first ones together...

Remember, Christmas is Jesus!

The tree :)

Our first Christmas together ornament, brings back good memories :)

Our 2010 Ornament, the candy "J"

I love Penguins!

And the view of the outside... Robert did good didn't he!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our home! Have a great week!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here comes the Holidays!

This is a picture that one of my patient's moms printed for me... I love it and its now posted on my desk. Isn't she cute... this is what I get to work with during the day :) Just thought I would share.

Sorry I havent written in a while. There has been so much that has happened in the last few weeks! First of all, we have our decorations up- yay! and I will post them on here before Christmas is here... I promise! Second, we have a family in our church who recently lost a loved one and we have been spending some time with the family at the hospital. Third, we have alot of youth activities coming up and fundraisers galore (which we have now come to dislike, but if its for the kids we'll suffer through them). This weekend will consist of having the girls in the youth over for a baking sleepover as we are having a bake sale on Sunday. I hope my kitchen doesn't get entirely destroyed!

Well, enjoy the weekend and have a great Thursday! I'll post again as soon as I can!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flying High

So back in September, PBRC (where I work) had a fundraiser we call a steak was so much fun! Part of the night included a reverse auction... where people bid on items or things for the center (such as the electric bill, naming a wing of the building, etc.). One of the items that was being bid on was to place a school spirit flag on top of the tallest building in Odessa for the entire month of November.

Sounds interesting I know, but there was alot of people who wanted a Tech or tu, TCU, Odessa College, all sorts of colleges fighting it out to be displayed. However... the one school that came out on top was of course... Texas A&M!! Whoop!

And the bill......$40,000 to display the Aggie flag on top of the tallest building :)

And for the entire month of November the flag flew high and proud... and not to mention that during the entire month of November the Aggies never lost a football game :) Coincidence? Surely not. I guess that means next year I need to make sure the A&M flag gets up there again!

Just a little fun for the end of the month. Coming soon: Christmas decoration post!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Movie Overload

For 4 days (from Wednesday to today) AT&T Uverse has given us the privilege of having all HD channels and all movie channels for free :) This means we have been a bit recording happy :)

We have been stalking the channels and adding as many recordings as we could fit on our DVR and its been so much fun! I finally am going to get to see alot of the chick-flick and scary movies that I never got around to see in the theaters or on video. Here is a list of the movies we recorded that I am excited about:

The Proposal (Robert hasn't seen it and I loved it so...)
Marley and Me
Leap Year
When in Rome
Julie and Julia
The Unborn
The Crazies (this is an "A" scary movie in mine and my moms book)
The Men Who Stare at Goats
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
The Bucket List
Dear John
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Alice in Wonderland
The Others
Valentine's Day
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

And a few more that we already watched and erased to make room for the new ones :)

So if anyone wants to watch one of these with us... come on over and we'll make some coffee and have a movie marathon :)

There's alot of smiley faces in this blog post :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Thankful!

This was by far the most relaxing Thanksgiving ever! This is our 4th Thanksgiving together as a married couple and we have definitely had some crazy ones.

2007: We were supposed to travel to Dallas for the biennial family reunion, however, my papa fell that morning and burst the tumor in his lungs. So we had to rush to Midland instead to plan a funeral. It was a very sad Thanksgiving to lose him, but I love him and will never forget how much he loved to get into God's word. So every Thanksgiving is our family's chance to remember him. Love you Papa!
2008: We were living in Abilene and Robert was working for the windmill business. At that time he was stationed up in West Virginia... and word was that he wasn't going to get to come home for the holiday. But cleverly he surprised me and arrived in Abilene the night before I was to drive to Midland. So we got to spend the holiday with our families together :)

2009: Family reunion time (Mason side). It was off to Dallas for us. My dad's side of the family crammed in a nice... no wait horrible hotel (they are no longer there). It was great to see my cousins/aunts/unlces/great aunts and uncles/ and a bunch of other relatives that I never remember. We ate, played games, and my parent's car got broken into while we feasted. That was the bad part. Then Robert, me and my mom braved the Black Friday crowd and woke up at 4 am to go to the nearby Target to snatch a deal on our flat screen tv...and countless other gifts. It was fun, minus the car issue. And we ended the trip by visiting my dear friend Ashley and her parents in McKinney.

2010: Here we are! Its Thanksgiving with the Fowler's year and we feasted very very very well. Plus the Aggies beat t.u. so it was extra awesome! I'm sad we didn't get to see all the family this round, but hopefully soon! These are the only pictures I took of the event bc my phone was missing (or being used by a certain young brother) the entire day. Don't you like my glasses on Robert...

Happy Thanksgiving! and now bring on the rest of the holidays!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm all Giddy :)

This was a great weekend. I got to spend plenty of time with Robert and relax. Friday evening we went to reminisce at the Lee High Choir Madrigal. Its a magical event where the choir members dress up in old Renaissance outfits, sing songs, serve a meal, and perform a masque. Since Robert and I met in choir in high school, it brought back alot of we took my brother and sister-in-law who also were able to help share their own memories. Just to give you a flashback:

2004: Robert's senior year
(he was the king that year :)

2003: Jennifer's Senior and Robert's Junior years
The hat I'm wearing was like a football helmet

Oh good times! Of course we were just in the audience this time, but we still had fun saying hello to our choir director (she's still going strong!).

Saturday was Harry Potter Day! Of course you know that I am obsessed with these books so we took my parents to see Harry Potter 7 part 1. It was great! I was being very optimistic about this movie b/c I know that they sometimes can't follow the book exactly and knowing how the 6th movie was far below my expectations... so I kept an open mind, although I didn't need to b/c they did a good job with this one! I wish part 2 was coming out tomorrow!

That evening we went to a wedding shower of my dear friend Stephanie and Chris whose wedding is only 1 month away! So excited for them and of course you will be hearing about the wedding when it happens. After the shower we went to my friend Kate's house to play games and meet some new friends. It was a good way to spend the Saturday.

I'm just looking forward to a 2 day work week, multiple Thanksgiving meals, and time to put up the Christmas decorations! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What am I listening to?

JARS OF CLAY! I went to their concert which featured Brandon Heath a few weeks ago and it was awesome! I have always been a fan of Jars of Clay. They have music of all styles and their sound is very versatile. Below is one of my favorites and one of my new favorites:

Flood from the Jars of Clay Album

Shelter from the Shelter album (new!)

Hope you enjoy this music because I sure do! Happy week everyone- Thanksgiving is almost here, be sure and tell those you love how much you are thankful for them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

October-Vember Fest

So my posting has been quite horrible for this month... sorry about that. But this past few weeks we have been with family and enjoying the season of Fall...

Bowling for John Allen and Robert's birthdays

Pumpkin pancakes with my darling friend Kate!

A little hangout with the Gathering girls :)

and of course some Halloween fun with a cute niece and nephew :)

Plus lots of playing cards and games (yes Dutch Blitz) and more of that to occur during the holiday season! I went to Hobby Lobby again today and got just a few (although I could have bought the whole store) Christmas items. I am going to be putting up our tree in the next 2 weeks and I'm so excited! I will post pictures when this occurs.

As today was my day off from work I am thoroughly relaxed. I didn't get to sit and read a book with a cup of coffee like I was hoping, but I did go shopping, ate lunch with Robert (which never happens during the week), cooked dinner, and even wrapped a few presents :) It was a lovely day!

I hope you all enjoy your week!