Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where oh where did December go?

Well to all you last minute Christmas shoppers out there all I can say is... I'm done! And so glad! My mom and I braved the psycho world of Midland mall and shops yesterday so I could assist her in getting her shopping done. It was crazy. With 4 trips to my car to drop off sacks, scouring the crowds for my short mother (who gets lost pretty easily when she is entangled in shopping racks at Dillards), dropping multiple (unbreakable) things on the floor, and a much needed trip to Starbucks... it was a full day. I'm glad I could help her though b/c if you know her you know that there is no way this one armed, short precious woman could tackle the masses and carry all her stuff by herself. Oh she finds a way sometimes, but I mean she bought alot yesterday. Just call me her movable shopping cart :)

But along our shopping journey, we decided to be as positive as we could be to all the bugg-eyed employees who looked extremely overstressed for this season. My goal was to say Merry Christmas (a phrase not used much in this season of... oh yes... Christmas) to as many people as I could (without being creepy). I was happy to hear my words echoed back to me by most people, while others simply smiled and replied "Happy Holidays". How sad that Christ's birthday is nothing more than a fad shopping holiday to some people. Yes, we need prayer for our world.

But anyways, I was realizing that December is seriously almost over, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for 2010. Yes, the looming doom of my licensure test to be taken in January is there, but am I really ready to be in independent physical therapist, on my own... The answer. With God by my side... yes.

What can you accomplish in 2010 (with God by your side)?

And dear December, please slow down a little bit, I have lots of things coming up I would like to enjoy with family/friends. No need to rush :)

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