Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pour Out My Soul for 2010

I was challenged to do this by a blogging friend and so I will challenge my readers to the same. I added a line or two at the bottom, feel free to add one yourself!
Let me know when you post yours!

I AM...a beautiful child of God!

I have whiter teeth

I HAVE...The most supportive and God-fearing Husband in the world...and he's all mine :)

I KEEP...M&Ms somewhere in the house at all times :)

I WISH I more creative sometimes

I FEAR... noises in the dark...and that not all my friends are going to Heaven

I HEAR...the smallest sounds that no one else seems to hear

I DON"T THINK... before I talk sometimes

I REGRET...not keeping in touch with friends as much as I should

I LOVE...worshiping God (even in multilanguages :)

I AM NOT...Perfect

I DANCE...every morning in front of my mirror (after Robert leaves for work :)

I SING...As often as I can and to everything

I NEVER...want to run a marathon

I CRY WHEN I WATCH...someone accept Christ

I AM NOT ALWAYS...a sane person...or a good cook

I HATE hips always hurt

I'M CONFUSED someone could not accept the free and deep love of Christ

I NEED...anti-anxiety pills sometimes

I SHOULD...try and lose some weight (but those M&Ms...hmm)

I water my plant

I DREAM TO... one day write a book (or I should say finish writing a book, I have already strated)

I AM...going to make the most of 2010