Monday, December 21, 2009

I ate alot of candy today :)

So having Christmas deliciousness in our house is not a good thing right now because whilst trying to study for this looming test I get very bored... and bored equals eating M&Ms, brownies, rice krispie treats, cookies, and lots of Christmas candy. Well after reading that sentence again, I want to take back the "not a good thing" statement because I love Christmas candy! Especially those red and green M&Ms... oh how they call to me from their two bowls (yes two bowls in this house... it wouldn't be right to have just one bowl of M&Ms).

But I will say my house is not conducive to the person who likes to make frequent trips to the kitchen... you really have to work for it... meaning the stairs. I've been good enough to study at our desk upstairs instead of on the couch or on my bed where sleeping would for sure come upon me... and if I do get a sweet tooth craving I have to weigh the pros and cons of walking all the way down our narrow staircase and then back up it just for a bite of something yummy. The only problem is... those Pros sure do win a lot :) But I look at it as I am giving my mind short breaks and the sugar helps keep me going. Makes sense to me! And the more M&Ms I keep around, the less I bite my nails... yes this habit is still going strong for me (and Robert), but its more pronounced now that I have nothing to do but sit around and read this obnoxious review and study guide. But on the bright side... studying is going very well and I am preparing for a January testing time so this can all be over (and I can start working!). Just have to make it through the holidays and try to get as much done as I can along with all the yuletide cheering I will be doing.

Good thing I have another bag of M&Ms hidden in the kitchen... because the bowls are getting low :)

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