Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with a capital "C"

Well Christmas was great! A good time with family and friends, kids (young and old), and a new baby nephew!

The fam... note how Robert randomly acquired some glasses for this shot...

I made him take them off for this picture :)

Me with MB and her new tutu which I made for all the nieces... it was easy and fun (although I have that material all over our house now)

A sporting her new tutu! (I love this picture)

MJ so excited to have her pretty tutu!

The new little guy...JA
He was only 8 days old here!

And then of course I thought I was taking a picture but ended up with a fun video so I thought I would share: It's called Christmas with a Capital "C"
(p.s. ignore my voice in the background, I think I sound weird on videos)

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