Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pour Out My Soul for 2010

I was challenged to do this by a blogging friend and so I will challenge my readers to the same. I added a line or two at the bottom, feel free to add one yourself!
Let me know when you post yours!

I AM...a beautiful child of God!

I have whiter teeth

I HAVE...The most supportive and God-fearing Husband in the world...and he's all mine :)

I KEEP...M&Ms somewhere in the house at all times :)

I WISH I more creative sometimes

I FEAR... noises in the dark...and that not all my friends are going to Heaven

I HEAR...the smallest sounds that no one else seems to hear

I DON"T THINK... before I talk sometimes

I REGRET...not keeping in touch with friends as much as I should

I LOVE...worshiping God (even in multilanguages :)

I AM NOT...Perfect

I DANCE...every morning in front of my mirror (after Robert leaves for work :)

I SING...As often as I can and to everything

I NEVER...want to run a marathon

I CRY WHEN I WATCH...someone accept Christ

I AM NOT ALWAYS...a sane person...or a good cook

I HATE hips always hurt

I'M CONFUSED someone could not accept the free and deep love of Christ

I NEED...anti-anxiety pills sometimes

I SHOULD...try and lose some weight (but those M&Ms...hmm)

I water my plant

I DREAM TO... one day write a book (or I should say finish writing a book, I have already strated)

I AM...going to make the most of 2010

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with a capital "C"

Well Christmas was great! A good time with family and friends, kids (young and old), and a new baby nephew!

The fam... note how Robert randomly acquired some glasses for this shot...

I made him take them off for this picture :)

Me with MB and her new tutu which I made for all the nieces... it was easy and fun (although I have that material all over our house now)

A sporting her new tutu! (I love this picture)

MJ so excited to have her pretty tutu!

The new little guy...JA
He was only 8 days old here!

And then of course I thought I was taking a picture but ended up with a fun video so I thought I would share: It's called Christmas with a Capital "C"
(p.s. ignore my voice in the background, I think I sound weird on videos)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

I can't wait to upload photos from Christmas and to share in all the exciting things happening in 2010!We have had lots of celebrations (one more tonight), seen family from afar, baked and ate alot of banana pudding and treats, and been surrounded by lots of smiles (and little smiles :)

Enjoy the holidays!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I ate alot of candy today :)

So having Christmas deliciousness in our house is not a good thing right now because whilst trying to study for this looming test I get very bored... and bored equals eating M&Ms, brownies, rice krispie treats, cookies, and lots of Christmas candy. Well after reading that sentence again, I want to take back the "not a good thing" statement because I love Christmas candy! Especially those red and green M&Ms... oh how they call to me from their two bowls (yes two bowls in this house... it wouldn't be right to have just one bowl of M&Ms).

But I will say my house is not conducive to the person who likes to make frequent trips to the kitchen... you really have to work for it... meaning the stairs. I've been good enough to study at our desk upstairs instead of on the couch or on my bed where sleeping would for sure come upon me... and if I do get a sweet tooth craving I have to weigh the pros and cons of walking all the way down our narrow staircase and then back up it just for a bite of something yummy. The only problem is... those Pros sure do win a lot :) But I look at it as I am giving my mind short breaks and the sugar helps keep me going. Makes sense to me! And the more M&Ms I keep around, the less I bite my nails... yes this habit is still going strong for me (and Robert), but its more pronounced now that I have nothing to do but sit around and read this obnoxious review and study guide. But on the bright side... studying is going very well and I am preparing for a January testing time so this can all be over (and I can start working!). Just have to make it through the holidays and try to get as much done as I can along with all the yuletide cheering I will be doing.

Good thing I have another bag of M&Ms hidden in the kitchen... because the bowls are getting low :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where oh where did December go?

Well to all you last minute Christmas shoppers out there all I can say is... I'm done! And so glad! My mom and I braved the psycho world of Midland mall and shops yesterday so I could assist her in getting her shopping done. It was crazy. With 4 trips to my car to drop off sacks, scouring the crowds for my short mother (who gets lost pretty easily when she is entangled in shopping racks at Dillards), dropping multiple (unbreakable) things on the floor, and a much needed trip to Starbucks... it was a full day. I'm glad I could help her though b/c if you know her you know that there is no way this one armed, short precious woman could tackle the masses and carry all her stuff by herself. Oh she finds a way sometimes, but I mean she bought alot yesterday. Just call me her movable shopping cart :)

But along our shopping journey, we decided to be as positive as we could be to all the bugg-eyed employees who looked extremely overstressed for this season. My goal was to say Merry Christmas (a phrase not used much in this season of... oh yes... Christmas) to as many people as I could (without being creepy). I was happy to hear my words echoed back to me by most people, while others simply smiled and replied "Happy Holidays". How sad that Christ's birthday is nothing more than a fad shopping holiday to some people. Yes, we need prayer for our world.

But anyways, I was realizing that December is seriously almost over, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for 2010. Yes, the looming doom of my licensure test to be taken in January is there, but am I really ready to be in independent physical therapist, on my own... The answer. With God by my side... yes.

What can you accomplish in 2010 (with God by your side)?

And dear December, please slow down a little bit, I have lots of things coming up I would like to enjoy with family/friends. No need to rush :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Goodbye Student...Hello Doctor

If this isn't your first time to tune into my blog you will know that this event has been coming for awhile. And I don't want to put to much emphasis on this day, but I never really imagined that I would have gotten to this point in my life... and yet its here and passed. I am now a Physical Therapist. No more student tacked onto my name, no more having to be supervised... I am done with school (forever I promise) and I can wave that funny square hat in the air with pride. I graduated Saturday from Hardin Simmons University with my Doctorate in PT. Thanks be to the Lord for I would not have made it without Him.

We got to be "hooded" which was exciting and choking at the same time :)
I'm glad school is over, but I appreciate the hard work and all the people it put in my path because it has helped shape who I am today. Thank you to everyone for your prayers, tears, and joys... I couldn't have done this on my own.

This is hard to see, but very representative of our class... everyone looking off in some random direction, but still very professional. I'll miss you guys!

All I have now is to take the national licensing test to be an official PT (yes I know its always one more thing isn't it...) But with one good month or so of studying (and lots of prayer) I should be able to survive. Thanks again and now its time to enjoy the holidays!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can you believe it?

Its already December...and graduation is only 9 days away...and Robert and I have been living in the same town (and same house) for 4 months now...and we have the most awesome 2 nephews, 3 nieces, and another one on the way...and I'll start my first job as a PT (and as Dr. Fowler) in a month...and God is so amazing...and 2009 has just flown by...and Robert and I have been married 2.5 years (and their the best years of my life!)... and how weird will it be to say 2010...and I couldn't be more blessed than right now!

Can you believe it?

p.s. I will post pics of our Christmas happy home as soon as I remember to find my camera battery :)