Monday, November 9, 2009

An Unwanted Visitor

There is a wasp in our bathroom.

You would think this was an easy problem to solve seeing as wasps are easy to spray and kill, but of course it gets more complicated...
This wasp has decided to take up residence behind the light fixture in the bathroom. There is plenty of room between the light bulbs and the frame for any creepy crawly/flying creature to invade. No telling how many are in there, but it could definitely be more than one. So taking showers in our house is a little frightening right now... well for me that is... and it doesn't help that I saw this flying visitor exit his hideaway and venture to the top of the skylight. Knowing my obsessive freakoutness, I closed the two doors leading to the shower room and stuffed towels under them so there would be no room for escape! And I'll be stocking up on wasp spray at the store after work.

At least its not a spider...I would have to shower downstairs if that was the case.

Happy Monday everyone!
And one month left to go!

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