Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Thanksgiving Adventure

So for Thanksgiving every other year my family goes to Dallas for a family reunion. Its basically alot of family in one place, some great food, and football galore...which equals a very nice holiday. Of course the last reunion we missed due to the passing of my grandfather, but this year we were able to make the trip. We had a few interesting moments along the way that of course I will share:

It's good to have a big family.
On our way (as in the caravan of multiple family members vehicles all spaced out on I-20), there so happened to be a traffic jam around Granger, TX where 2 lanes merged to 1. My uncle was about 45 minute ahead of us (being Rob and myself, my parents, and my brother and sister in our own cars) and he informed us about the said traffic jam and to take the service road when we got close. I took his advice and happily zoomed (at the speed limit of course :) past all the people...including my cousin...stuck in the jam. When we finally merged back onto I-20 we had bipassed about 45min-1 hour of the traffic. It was awesome. Of course my parents and brother were not so good at following directions and they got stuck in the jam... arriving at our hotel in Dallas 1 hour behind us. Service road is the way to go! Thanks to my Uncle for making the right call :)

Holiday theft is no fun.
Whilst having our Thanksgiving lunch at the hotel with my many relatives, someone decided it was prime time to break into my parents vehicle...destroying the doorhandles and stealing almost everything. Luckily they left my niece and nephew's car seats b/c it would have been difficult driving back and those are expensive. But yes, they got off with some good things...and the worst part is the hotel had no surveillance cameras anywhere... we will never stay at the Radisson in Irving ever again.

Black Friday...of course.
My sister and I have been looking forward to Dallas for one thing... shopping at places we don't have normally! So, yes I was a black friday participant. At 6am my husband, my mom, and myself ventured into Target to take advantage of the nice doorbuster sales they were having. We even managed to snatch a nice new LG Plasma tv for a great price :) Robert was happy about that one. Then we went back to the hotel, picked up the rest of the crew, and drove to the Grapevine Mills Mall... love that place. Yes it was crowded, but it could have been alot worse, and we knocked out alot of Christmas shopping... so I say job well done!

Friends are Great.
To finish off the weekend Rob and I stayed with my friends Ashley and Douglas who live in Northeast Dallas. We would have stayed till Sunday, but I got sick again (which really needs to stop happening) so we ended up leaving a day early...but whilst we were there we got to hang out at Ashley's parents house (who I stayed with on one of my rotations, so we are like family really), watched a very interesting small town Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and ate yummy burgers. Its always good to see friends and I can't wait to be officially done with school and hopefully have time to visit more friends :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was fun and full of goodness! This is my last week of my rotation... ever!

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