Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Mystery Dinner

So backup with me if you will to the night before Halloween and a fun mystery dinner party that my cousin and his wife put on at their house...

Murder at Deadwood Saloon

dun dun dun.... I know you can hear the corny music playing in your head right? Haha, our characters were the owners of the saloon, so of course we were expected to look pretty fancy. Well we went all out for this affair and rented costumes at a local costume shop (Costumes by Dorothy) and I think we looked pretty awesome!

The entire party... who do you think the murderer was?

And just so you know... that mustache looks great, but it was super glued (yes I said super glued) to his face. It left a nice red mark once he ripped it off :)

It was a blast! Everyone looked great and really did well playing their part in the mystery... I'll admit my acting skills are lacking severely, but none-the-less I had fun. And although I didn't win anything (I mean CLUE is my favorite board game so I thought for sure I had this in the bag) and I didn't pick out the real murdered, it was still worth getting all "dolled" up for.

We may have to host of these ourselves sometime!

I promise I'll get things updated on here, my next post will for sure explain why I've been so busy!

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