Sunday, November 1, 2009

A little Bet

So one of my coworkers used to live in Colorado and her family would always do a bet around Halloween...the bet was that it would or wouldn't freeze before Oct. 31st. So...even though she is no longer in Colorado doesn't mean that she couldn't have the same bet...
While we do live in warm Midland, TX where it hardly ever freezes or snows, it can happen and last week we had some very COLD days... call me dumb, but I trusted the weather men who insisted that the low was going to reach 31 degrees. So... she bet me that the temperature Thursday night would not reach freezing (below 33) and I said that it would and the loser would buy the winner a 6 pack of diet coke.

Thursday night came and went and the verdict was... 33 degrees.

Boo, I lost.

Just one more degree and I would be getting diet coke today and not giving it away! Oh well, thats just the fun of it. I wonder what we will bet on next :)

Happy Tuesday

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