Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Checkerboard Cake

Robert turned 24 last week! To celebrate I designed a suprise party for him for all our family and friends (well enough that would fit in our town home). I've never done a surprise party for him, so I was nervous about it... but it went great and he jumped pretty high.

I made his birthday cake designed after a cake I saw on the show Cake Boss on TLC...

It's checkerboard!

It took me multiple secret hours and the help of my mom and another friend to get it put together, but it tasted so good! And it was huge... 4 cake layers high and covered with cream cheese icing... yum! Plus it was fun to see all our family together in our home!

Our Niece, A

Happy Birthday sweetie!

and Happy Birthday to my brother today who is 37... no wait... 27! Hope you enjoyed your dinner last night!

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