Monday, October 12, 2009

Song Repeaters Unite!

So tonight I went solo on my weekly night out study trip... Robert is feeling below the weather and had a meeting to go to... so I ventured to B&N to snuggle up with my PT book (ok so snuggle is not the right word)... I feel like I'm making pretty good headway with my studying although I definitely need to step it up a little more... good thing I have lots of coffee gift cards to give me motivation :) Although if B&N keeps running out of lemonade and therefore keeping me from getting my favorite cold drink... I will have to veto. Which brings me to an update on my current favs in the world of coffee and beverages:
-Fav Hot holiday drink: Chocolate Truffle... hot chocolate with a shot of espresso... its different and delicious!
-Fav Cold drink: Passion Iced Tea Lemonade... yum!
-An Always fav: Hazlenut Latte

On another note... a big thanks to my amazing friend Tracy for making me the most awesome mixed cd's for my birthday! I have been utilizing the repeat option on some of the songs over and over again... I'm surprised I'm not tired of the songs yet... and I hope that doesn't happen! The best songs I've been repeating- Lisztomania by Pheonix.... and Breathe by Anberlin

What songs do you keep on repeat?

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