Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quarter of a Century

That's right... Tuesday I turned a quarter of a century old! (It's much more fun to say it that way than to add in the number). I remember when I was younger having fun planning a party, sending out invitations, and having all my friends and family surround a big cake waiting for me to blow out the candles... and then we get older and birthdays are less celebrated... how sad. I love birthdays... cards and cake and ice cream and friends and family... what not to celebrate!

So Tuesday Robert took me and my parents to Wall Street Bar & Grill b/c I've never been there... it was delicious! Afterwards we went to Starbucks (b/c my mom and I are avid coffee junkies) and I ended up getting my drink for free since we were striking up jokes with the guy taking our order. I was going to order my new favorite fall drink- a mocha truffle (hot chocolate with espresso in it)- but they ran out of their signature hot chocolate (sad face). So as an alternative the coffee guy offered to make me a surprise drink... I'm adventurous so I said ok. It was good! I have no idea how much syrup he put in there, but I enjoyed it and with my lemon pound cake slice it was delightful. All in all my birthday was fun! I've had a great first 25 years of my life and I'm ready to make the most of the next 25.

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