Friday, October 2, 2009


So this has been one of those weeks. I have officially reached the level of being so emotionally and physically drained that I can't even think straight anymore. I feel as though my cup has sprung a leak... not fun. And its funny that I'm feeling this way, b/c this week has had some great moments in it! Running into some old friends, spending some great time with Robert, getting some good study time out of the way, and playing with some fun kids... plus Robert, I and a friend are heading out to dinner tonight at a new place we've never been too. But amongst the joys my energy has just been depleted (and no I'm not getting sick). As much as this would usually beat me down, I listened to a song today on my way home from work that just screamed "Hosanna, Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!" and I was shouting it in my car all the way home. It was so uplifting to me to forget about everything and just focus on my Heavenly Father (and the road) that I kept hitting the replay button. So regardless if you are having a hard week or not, take comfort in Christ... and sing a song as loud as you can... it will lift your spirits for sure.

Have a great and safe weekend everyone.

What will we be doing... just staying at home! Come by and visit if you would like!

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