Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Date Nights

Robert and I have been enjoying some lovely Tuesday night evenings together the last few weeks. I just love getting texts from him at work that say "will you go out on a date with me tonight?"... isn't he so sweet! But Tuesdays have become the one night a week that we both dedicate to studying together over coffee- he studies his lesson for the wednesday night youth meeting and I study for school (b/c yes I'm still tied down by the chains of academics until I take the licensure test in Jan or Feb). I just love Tuesdays :) Especially becuase they remind me of when Robert and I were dating... you know the whole making eyes at each other, giggling together, and stealing sweet kisses... these are the memories I look forward to each week. So survive through the Mondays and rejoice for Tuesdays or whatever day is special for you... and if you dread all days I recommend you try to find at least one night to do something special.

Happy Tuesdays everyone!

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Sommer said...

Love it! Thanks for the reminder to keep things fresh:)