Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tortilla Time!

Sunday evening our church had a wonderful Mexican Celebration! In case you didn't know, our church is bilingual...we have one service in English and another service in Spanish, then every few weeks we have a joint service... it is awesome!! I love getting to see two different cultures and languages come together worshiping the Lord, plus I expand on my limited Spanish knowledge every Sunday :) So for our Mexican Celebration one of the ladies in the church taught my sister-in-law and I how to make homemade tortillas... can I say YUM! It was super fun too, especially because we didn't use any measuring cups or anything (its better that way!). And we got an "A" rating from the rest of the church crew, so that was a nice feeling.
To top it off, tonight my parents came over for dinner and I decided to use my new talent to make tortillas for them so we could have fajitas. I think I'll get better everytime, but they were mighty tasty! If you would like to learn I would love to teach!! Hope you all enjoy your week everyone!

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The Roberts' said...

mmm! is it just a recipe or is there a special technique that is not able to be conveyed over the internet?