Saturday, September 26, 2009

I love Game Nights!

I think one of mine and Robert's favorite past-times has been game nights. Call us the social butterflies or whatever, but we love to have people over or just be anywhere people are playing games! This weekend we got to enjoy 2... yes not 1... 2 game nights!

Friday night we went over to my parents house with lots of family and played multiple hours of games... I mean we were over there till after midnight and we started at 6 o'clock! The fun never ends... and not to mention that my competitive side comes out when we play pictionary (my team won :) and CLUE (the best game ever invented! Even though I didn't win). My sister-in-law and I even decided to sport the side-ponytail because our hair is long enough to pull it off.
Then Saturday night we had our youth group over to partake in another round of exciting games, although this time it was at our house and consisted of alot of Wii games, football, skateboarding, monopoly, and tons of FOOD! We were a little worried at first about feeding hungry teenagers, but then one of them brought over 4 pizzas from Dino's Pizza... yum... and the rest of them poured in with a multitude of snack time treats. We had enough to feed a football team! Regardless of the mountain of snacks, it was a great bonding time for everyone and I know we heard some people admit to having a good time. Can't wait to do it again!

What is your favorite board game?

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