Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yummy Surprises

Just to share- when I got off work today I was exhausted! I almost fell asleep at my computer during the last hour trying to document my work... good thing I didn't though! But I knew I would have a lovely 25 minute drive back to the house and it was only 4:15 so I was needing a snack. In the hospital there is a popcorn station where you can get a yummy bag of popcorn for 50 cents- awesome!- and I was dead set on getting one when I realized I had about enough change to make up 35 cents and a $10. Hmmm... I hate breaking big bills on tiny amounts... so instead I decided to go to the Starbucks that is so conveniently located between the hospital and the parking garage :) I ordered a Passion Fruit Iced Tea Lemonade and my favorite lemon pound cake they have (my mouth is watering again). What was so great is that the cashier gave me a discount on the drink price (like $2 off!) b/c I was the only person in there and she was just in a good mood... well that sure did perk me right up! It was the perfect snack for my ride home along with my favorite cd (New Surrender by Anberlin). What a great Wednesday :)


The Roberts' said...

are you going to see anberlin at RTD tomorrow? im SO SAD i wont be there!!!

Molly Kate said...

how fun! and yummy! I miss you! p.s. Girls night at Jeremy's mom's house on Tuesday night...wanna come with me!?! It's a jewelry party and movie night!