Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The New Place

Yay I finally was able to upload pictures and spend some time fixing up our townhome! It is almost box free... I just have to find a place for my mountain of PT school books/folders that is somewhat organized... plus I'm doing a bit of...umm fall cleaning (as opposed to spring cleaning) be glad I took these shots before destroying the upstairs in papers and books :)

And now for the photo tour!It was hard to capture the entire peaceful and fun essence of our place so you will just have to come by sometime! Plus the rooms are kinda small and not so easy to capture on film, but you will get a generalized idea!

My favorite room: The Kitchen

The view down the hallway between the living room and dining room/kitchen
We also have a back patio, but I opted not to post that picture since really its just a patio...

Our very pretty living room!

I love having all those shelves to put pictures on!

There is a downstairs full bathroom next to the stairs- complete with shower and what I like to call a Harry Potter Closet b/c its under the stairs, haha. Its way to small to take in a picture.
A staircase... in case you were wondering

The "guest" room or "office"... actually I'm gonna call it "Krunk's" room (yes the skeleton)

And now for the upstairs bathrooms: they are a Jack and Jill bathroom (don't ask how I know that name) so each room gets its own sink/toilet and then there is a connecting shower in the middle. Its very nice :) This will start in Krunk's bathroom and then show you the connecting shower.

Our bedroom: we were packing for a trip so ignore the suitcases and the dress on the door. This room is very big and the closets are mightily huge!

The End: hope you enjoyed the tour through our home... I hope to get some more pictures of my favorite areas of the house once I'm completely box free! Until then, we are having a garage sale this weekend so its gonna be crazy, but great to get rid of some stuff! Have a great week!


Molly Kate said...

it's beautiful! I love your new home!!!

The Roberts' said...

very pretty!