Monday, August 31, 2009

When I think of Fall...

One of my friends who is oh-so creative and artsy, has for this week started a Fall Inspiration Blog
She will be posting some of her favorite things about fall in this blog and she asked us to join her in sharing our favorite fall moments. As you should know from reading my blog, I LOVE FALL! It has to be the best season ever! And to share some of my favorite fall things I will use pictures from memories past...

Fall makes me think of...

1. Leaves- especially crunchy ones just waiting to be stomped on! (I didn't take this picture although I would like to go there!)

2. Bundling up and cuddling with someone special :)

3. Aggie Football! Well football in general (I'll throw in the Cowboys for Robert)... and the Aggies may not always win, but if you've ever been to Kyle Field you should know...we do the football thing well!

4. Friends! Fall means holidays and times to get together with all the amazing friends I've met in my life... shown here is one special girl I miss alot and the one who shared highly in my love for all things Fall (love ya Tracy)

5. When I got my Aggie Ring- I love this picture and had to throw it in there!

6. When I got engaged! Robert asked me to marry him on Nov. 19th 2005... it was a beautiful fall evening and I had no idea he was about to get on one knee and slide a ring on my finger... those memories I will never forget

7. Going for an evening run in a park and enjoying the beauty of the sky God made

8. A time to give thanks for my God, my family, and my friends

9. My birthday! Naturally the celebration of my birth would come in the best holiday (and would coincidentally be my favorite number on this list :)

10. Halloween! Although I don't really celebrate this holiday...I find it amusing to come up with fun costume ideas with Robert and to see my cute nieces and nephew all dressed up... plus I like candy corn

11. I have no picture on this computer, but fall also reminds me of my grandpa who died Thanksgiving day in 2007... he will always be missed and I'm so thankful for his life

12. And of course fall colors... orange is not in my favorites for colors, but the brilliant golds and ambers that are created by the turning of the leaves is beyond beautiful and reminds me that only God could paint such a breath taking canvas.

I know its nothing special, but I love to think about this upcoming season and the exciting things it reminds me of. Feel free to share your favorite fall memories/moments!


The Roberts' said...

oh i love fall... i love the cool weather, the reds & oranges & browns, the pumpkins & gourds, pumpkin flavored everything, apple cider... but im trying not to think about fall yet b/c its still so stinkin hot. :-(

tracykrause said...

just read this today... loved it! i love that you put a picture of us in here! fall is the best! i decorated my apartment yesterday and put out a dish of candy corn :)
miss you a lot!