Monday, August 31, 2009

When I think of Fall...

One of my friends who is oh-so creative and artsy, has for this week started a Fall Inspiration Blog
She will be posting some of her favorite things about fall in this blog and she asked us to join her in sharing our favorite fall moments. As you should know from reading my blog, I LOVE FALL! It has to be the best season ever! And to share some of my favorite fall things I will use pictures from memories past...

Fall makes me think of...

1. Leaves- especially crunchy ones just waiting to be stomped on! (I didn't take this picture although I would like to go there!)

2. Bundling up and cuddling with someone special :)

3. Aggie Football! Well football in general (I'll throw in the Cowboys for Robert)... and the Aggies may not always win, but if you've ever been to Kyle Field you should know...we do the football thing well!

4. Friends! Fall means holidays and times to get together with all the amazing friends I've met in my life... shown here is one special girl I miss alot and the one who shared highly in my love for all things Fall (love ya Tracy)

5. When I got my Aggie Ring- I love this picture and had to throw it in there!

6. When I got engaged! Robert asked me to marry him on Nov. 19th 2005... it was a beautiful fall evening and I had no idea he was about to get on one knee and slide a ring on my finger... those memories I will never forget

7. Going for an evening run in a park and enjoying the beauty of the sky God made

8. A time to give thanks for my God, my family, and my friends

9. My birthday! Naturally the celebration of my birth would come in the best holiday (and would coincidentally be my favorite number on this list :)

10. Halloween! Although I don't really celebrate this holiday...I find it amusing to come up with fun costume ideas with Robert and to see my cute nieces and nephew all dressed up... plus I like candy corn

11. I have no picture on this computer, but fall also reminds me of my grandpa who died Thanksgiving day in 2007... he will always be missed and I'm so thankful for his life

12. And of course fall colors... orange is not in my favorites for colors, but the brilliant golds and ambers that are created by the turning of the leaves is beyond beautiful and reminds me that only God could paint such a breath taking canvas.

I know its nothing special, but I love to think about this upcoming season and the exciting things it reminds me of. Feel free to share your favorite fall memories/moments!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The New Place

Yay I finally was able to upload pictures and spend some time fixing up our townhome! It is almost box free... I just have to find a place for my mountain of PT school books/folders that is somewhat organized... plus I'm doing a bit of...umm fall cleaning (as opposed to spring cleaning) be glad I took these shots before destroying the upstairs in papers and books :)

And now for the photo tour!It was hard to capture the entire peaceful and fun essence of our place so you will just have to come by sometime! Plus the rooms are kinda small and not so easy to capture on film, but you will get a generalized idea!

My favorite room: The Kitchen

The view down the hallway between the living room and dining room/kitchen
We also have a back patio, but I opted not to post that picture since really its just a patio...

Our very pretty living room!

I love having all those shelves to put pictures on!

There is a downstairs full bathroom next to the stairs- complete with shower and what I like to call a Harry Potter Closet b/c its under the stairs, haha. Its way to small to take in a picture.
A staircase... in case you were wondering

The "guest" room or "office"... actually I'm gonna call it "Krunk's" room (yes the skeleton)

And now for the upstairs bathrooms: they are a Jack and Jill bathroom (don't ask how I know that name) so each room gets its own sink/toilet and then there is a connecting shower in the middle. Its very nice :) This will start in Krunk's bathroom and then show you the connecting shower.

Our bedroom: we were packing for a trip so ignore the suitcases and the dress on the door. This room is very big and the closets are mightily huge!

The End: hope you enjoyed the tour through our home... I hope to get some more pictures of my favorite areas of the house once I'm completely box free! Until then, we are having a garage sale this weekend so its gonna be crazy, but great to get rid of some stuff! Have a great week!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Get ready!

For some awesome postings! I have this entire week off... the last break ever before I graduate and enter the real world... sad, but exciting. So I have tons of pictures on my camera that need to be taken off and guess who gets to see them... yep my blogging audience! So I am still here and am ready for some fun posting opportunities this week!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yes, blogging world... Robert and I moved!! We are officially in our own little place... just the two of us, aww how nice :) We made the transition last weekend (amongst Rock the Desert...more on this to come) and I'm happy to start putting things on the walls so we can call it home! Plus, its like Christmas all over again since we have to unwrap all our stuff that has been stored away since May! So its been fun to pull out things I've forgotten about and get all gooshy excited again- haha... but anyways our new place doesn't have internet yet (bummer) so I wanted to inform everyone of our move and how excited I am (!) and that I will post more once the internet gets established! Have a great week everyone!

P.S. I still have internet on my phone so I can read emails and check my facebook... so no worries I am somehow connected to the outside world :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yummy Surprises

Just to share- when I got off work today I was exhausted! I almost fell asleep at my computer during the last hour trying to document my work... good thing I didn't though! But I knew I would have a lovely 25 minute drive back to the house and it was only 4:15 so I was needing a snack. In the hospital there is a popcorn station where you can get a yummy bag of popcorn for 50 cents- awesome!- and I was dead set on getting one when I realized I had about enough change to make up 35 cents and a $10. Hmmm... I hate breaking big bills on tiny amounts... so instead I decided to go to the Starbucks that is so conveniently located between the hospital and the parking garage :) I ordered a Passion Fruit Iced Tea Lemonade and my favorite lemon pound cake they have (my mouth is watering again). What was so great is that the cashier gave me a discount on the drink price (like $2 off!) b/c I was the only person in there and she was just in a good mood... well that sure did perk me right up! It was the perfect snack for my ride home along with my favorite cd (New Surrender by Anberlin). What a great Wednesday :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post #2 Today

So I just got done walking on the treadmill and I'm a multi-tasker... I was texting some friends, reading a book, and watching TLC at the same time... haha I know you are impressed. Then my amazing in-laws brought me a snow cone from Bahama Bucks (strawberry cheesecake my favorite!) so I ate that while walking on the treadmill... it was mighty delicious and I don't feel guilty about it for some reason... lol ok so maybe not the best idea to be multi-tasking and eating a sugary snack whilst working out, but I had fun :)

And now I'm going to read deleted scenes from the Twilight book that I just found on
and then I'll attempt to fall asleep... Goodnight!


I am an insomniac. Not medically diagnosed or anything, but I'm about 98.4% sure that I have insomnia seeing as I am tired and frustrated when I wake up. I've always had this problem... and truth be told my entire family minus my dad suffers with this... and I probably always will b/c of one known fact... my mind just won't shut-up! I think the reason I like writing these blogs is because it helps clear some pieces in my head... unfortunately I never go back and read these, I just can't stand to reread what I just wrote unless its for a grade, so I don't exactly know how random, boring, crazy, or whatever they are. So needless to say, these blogs are the leftovers of whatever random words fall out of my head. But imagine all this and so much more going on in my mind at once... yikes, yep I'm scared too haha. I'm pretty good at ignoring myself during the day, but when I get in bed the whole day and all the days ahead of me come crashing into my mind. Now I have gotten better at blocking some things out, but I have to say that I'm baffled by something... what do people think about before they fall asleep? I mean if I think about everything in the world and then sometimes somehow fall into my slumber, what do those people who fall asleep rather quickly (like my husband) think about to fall asleep? This may be a strange thing to think about, but it really does bother me that I can watch at least 2 hours on the clock go by before I've fallen asleep and it takes Robert 15 seconds. Sigh.

So for now just call me the insomniac. I should really sign up for a sleep study... but that would make me anxious I think... haha a never-ending battle. And don't say to try pills b/c I am definitely anti-medication...and I admit I've tried it, it worked, but I'm afraid of getting hooked on sleeping meds... so much about me you've just learned. Oh and I'm sure that the biggest part of my problem is stupid Restless Leg Syndrome b/c in the middle of the night I feel like I could just jump out of bed and run a couple miles (I don't b/c yeah right I don't like to run that much), but my legs are all jumpy. Poor Robert, he married an easy one didn't he :) Anyway, thanks for listening to my jarble, its a small thing that helps add to my happy sleep.