Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Good to be Home

Well I arrived back in Good ole Midland on Friday night. It was great to finally hug Robert and realize that neither of us would be packing our bags anytime soon... or hopefully ever! Yes, we are still staying with his parents, but our prayers are on finding our own place soon.

Saturday night we decided to celebrate the end to the era of long distance by having our families come together for a fabulous dinner at Abuelos. (we miss you Mike, Kelly, and MJ)... it was fun to have the nieces and nephew there ( minus one) and just enjoying amazing mexican food... with a weird waitor. I took the big kids to see the fountains while we waited for our food... J just didn't get why we were throwing perfectly good coins into the water, but he finally gave in.

All in all it is just a blessing everyday to get to wake up next to Robert and to actually not have to call each other before falling asleep...God is good! I hope you are all having a blessed week and preparing to have a safe and happy 4th!

Enjoy these pictures from Abuelos!

The big kids admiring the fountain

A precious moment with daughter and dad

A was having a fun swinging time!

So precious!


The Roberts' said...

im so glad yall have reached this point! i hope you never have to leave each other again!

Molly Kate said...

me too!!! welcome home Jenn!