Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rackets and a Lime Green Ball

It's no riddle... it's just tennis! Robert and I (and his family) decided that this summer we would pick up a new sport for fun... and Tennis was the winner. We started playing back around Memorial Day, but then I left for Dallas...sad day...and now that I've been back we have played a few times each week. Now I will admit...and those of you that know me will just nod your heads... I am super competitive. Like, woah overly extreme competitive.

I remember in jr. high and high school when I was playing basketball, my dad would coach me in our front yard making me run drills and lay-ups and even having to run sprints when I missed the goal (it was all out of good sport, not torture). I, of course, would yell and scream at him for all the stuff he was making me do and I would especially throw a fit when I kept failing. The worst thing he ever made me do was...through much anger on my part of course...make me walk around the neighborhood dribbling a golf ball. This is very hard because I'm ok at dribbling a basketball and thus aweful at maneuvering this tiny speck of a ball around our neighborhood with people watching. Torture. Nevertheless, I got pretty good at playing basketball and I still consider it to be my favorite sport, but I never got over the competitive side.

Competitiveness I blame on my family for we are all about out-doing each other (I will say sorry to my brother here for we both still knockheads trying to out-do each other although we won't admit it...well I guess I am)... anyways, I grew up around this constant competitors mind set and I'm sorry to say that it may never leave me. Regarding tennis, I somehow want to play this sport every night after dinner... its just something different which makes it so exciting... however, everytime we play I get so outrageously angry at myself that it sure doesn't seem fun anymore. So why do I keep wanting to do this to myself..... because now I must beat myself and I won't stop till it happens! (sorry Robert, you put up with so much from me :)

If only more people (including myself) could be so driven to learn more about Christ and His word everyday regardless of the world around them... hmmm a thought to ponder isn't it.

Do you have a favorite sport? I recommend tennis...just not anywhere near where I'm playing lest you don't mind getting hit by a tennis ball. You are warned, haha.


thesharester said...

i've always loved tennis and now i've gotten ross on a mega tennis obsession. he plays several times a week. he is super competitive as well (me too, duh!) and has really enjoyed watching the videos on http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ to improve his game. good luck! so happy you 2 are in the same place :)l

thesharester said...

p.s. you know we have a new blog now right? hytnenhype.com :)

p.p.s. who's the band?!