Sunday, July 26, 2009

OCD Readers Annonymous

If there is a group that exists in the world for obsessive compulsive readers...I could be their highest paying client. I have been entwined in the wonderful world of books lately and I can't deny that something just captures me inside the pages and carries me away to some fantasy world... my heart starts beating head becomes a blur of images...and I find myself sacrificing lots of things to find time to read. I have a problem. I guess its not that bad of an issue (I can see Robert rolling his eyes)... at least I'm doing something good for my brain right! haha... but the extent to my reading craze is something about me that I can't hide from.

I recently (as in 2 hours ago) finished the 4 book Twilight saga. Wow. If you want to know what I thought of them consider this... I started Twilight, book 1, last Thursday the 16th and just finished Breaking Dawn, book 4, today... 10 days of 4 books each 750 pages... I am a reading machine! Its not that I believe in Vampires (which is what the books are about), but I believe in a well-written story and if it catches my interest, there is no turning back. So I read this series through many late nights (later than I should have been awake reading...sorry Robert), during breakfast in the mornings before work, at lunch at work, and for countless hours on the weekend. If it weren't for having a life outside the book I could have finished in 5 days...most likely.

I just love to read. Its not good that it takes up so much of my time...and embarrassing to say... devotion, but then again who wouldn't want to curl up with a good story that takes them far away from reality for a little bit. And Robert knows all about the books I've read. He could probably tell you the entire story of Twilight, Harry Potter, my favorite Frank Peretti novels, etc. just from me telling him the play-by-plays whenever I took breaks to breathe (and eat, of course we know how much I like to eat, haha).

So if there is an AA meeting equivalent for readers...sign me up. I'm sure Robert would thank you :)

What is your favorite book series!

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