Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I love those West Texas skies

Well its been a few weeks back in Midland, at my next clinical site, and I'm having an absolute blast! Being home with family is always so great and my internship is going nicely as well. Everyone is real laid back, but I'm actually learning alot. My internship is actually in Odessa, so I get to spend a nice little 20-25 min drive every morning and afternoon. While it does get boring sometimes...the Air 1 morning show keeps me occupied in the am and admiring the west Texas skyline in the afternoons in the pm. Today as I was heading back to Midland, I noticed the beautiful popcorn clouds in the sky and began to form objects out of them...I saw an eagle, swan, a scooter, alligator, alien creature, the letters CCE in a line (those were random and weird), and a snail. I love making objects out of clouds and I think west Texas clouds are the best for it! What things have you seen in the sky lately?

On another note...Robert and I are starting to figure out how we are going to fit our stuff into the town home (which should be available at the end of the month)...I'm looking for cool decorative ideas for small spaces!

I hope you all are having a blessed week and keep your eyes on the Lord for He is going to do something amazing in our days that we won't even believe, even if we have been told! (Hab 1:5)

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