Thursday, July 30, 2009

Very Under the Weather

So I have always had the amazing ability to become seriously ill at least 2-3 times a year. Up until about 2 years ago I would always get sick in the spring and fall thanks to fact that I still have my tonsils and thus became susceptible to strepp throat. I will never understand why its not just a little sickness that would find me, but its always a multi-day event leaving me bedridden and just feeling yucky. I remember when I was a freshman at A&M, it was March and we just finished the last class before spring break, and who just had to come down with a case of strepp throat... yep that would be me. I was feeling quite terrible and I knew I wouldn't be able to make the 7-hour drive home for Spring, instead... I drove to the Austin airport (about 2 hours), picked up my dad who flew in to drive my car the rest of the way to Midland (what a great dad :)

Now I'm just stuck in bed with some sort of stomach bug that does not seem like it wants to go away. The worst part is that I can barely walk around without getting light-headed and therefore I'm having to miss alot of work that I will have to make At least Robert never ever gets sick... which means more time for him to help take care of me (the whole sickness and health thing)... but seriously why doesn't he get sick! Maybe I have a sickness gene or something...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

OCD Readers Annonymous

If there is a group that exists in the world for obsessive compulsive readers...I could be their highest paying client. I have been entwined in the wonderful world of books lately and I can't deny that something just captures me inside the pages and carries me away to some fantasy world... my heart starts beating head becomes a blur of images...and I find myself sacrificing lots of things to find time to read. I have a problem. I guess its not that bad of an issue (I can see Robert rolling his eyes)... at least I'm doing something good for my brain right! haha... but the extent to my reading craze is something about me that I can't hide from.

I recently (as in 2 hours ago) finished the 4 book Twilight saga. Wow. If you want to know what I thought of them consider this... I started Twilight, book 1, last Thursday the 16th and just finished Breaking Dawn, book 4, today... 10 days of 4 books each 750 pages... I am a reading machine! Its not that I believe in Vampires (which is what the books are about), but I believe in a well-written story and if it catches my interest, there is no turning back. So I read this series through many late nights (later than I should have been awake reading...sorry Robert), during breakfast in the mornings before work, at lunch at work, and for countless hours on the weekend. If it weren't for having a life outside the book I could have finished in 5 days...most likely.

I just love to read. Its not good that it takes up so much of my time...and embarrassing to say... devotion, but then again who wouldn't want to curl up with a good story that takes them far away from reality for a little bit. And Robert knows all about the books I've read. He could probably tell you the entire story of Twilight, Harry Potter, my favorite Frank Peretti novels, etc. just from me telling him the play-by-plays whenever I took breaks to breathe (and eat, of course we know how much I like to eat, haha).

So if there is an AA meeting equivalent for readers...sign me up. I'm sure Robert would thank you :)

What is your favorite book series!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh the Thrills!

Can I just say that I'm super excited about tonight because we are going to see HARRY POTTER!! Yes, of course I'm in love with this story and only because the books were written so well and I could just fall into each book. I've heard different opinions of the movie and I've decided that i don't care if the movie is good or not so is going to fulfill my Harry Potter cravingness (yes I made that up). I'm sure Robert hates Harry :)

And I've fallen into the Twilight series now and I will say that the first one really has me hooked! I was skeptical of these at first, but I've decided to never be skeptical of a book series until after I've read them. I love to read!

So I'm off to pick up some takeout food, take it to my parents, wait for my dad and Robert to get home, then we will scarf down yumminess and head to movie awesomeness! This is just a "ness" kind of day I guess, haha! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rackets and a Lime Green Ball

It's no riddle... it's just tennis! Robert and I (and his family) decided that this summer we would pick up a new sport for fun... and Tennis was the winner. We started playing back around Memorial Day, but then I left for Dallas...sad day...and now that I've been back we have played a few times each week. Now I will admit...and those of you that know me will just nod your heads... I am super competitive. Like, woah overly extreme competitive.

I remember in jr. high and high school when I was playing basketball, my dad would coach me in our front yard making me run drills and lay-ups and even having to run sprints when I missed the goal (it was all out of good sport, not torture). I, of course, would yell and scream at him for all the stuff he was making me do and I would especially throw a fit when I kept failing. The worst thing he ever made me do was...through much anger on my part of course...make me walk around the neighborhood dribbling a golf ball. This is very hard because I'm ok at dribbling a basketball and thus aweful at maneuvering this tiny speck of a ball around our neighborhood with people watching. Torture. Nevertheless, I got pretty good at playing basketball and I still consider it to be my favorite sport, but I never got over the competitive side.

Competitiveness I blame on my family for we are all about out-doing each other (I will say sorry to my brother here for we both still knockheads trying to out-do each other although we won't admit it...well I guess I am)... anyways, I grew up around this constant competitors mind set and I'm sorry to say that it may never leave me. Regarding tennis, I somehow want to play this sport every night after dinner... its just something different which makes it so exciting... however, everytime we play I get so outrageously angry at myself that it sure doesn't seem fun anymore. So why do I keep wanting to do this to myself..... because now I must beat myself and I won't stop till it happens! (sorry Robert, you put up with so much from me :)

If only more people (including myself) could be so driven to learn more about Christ and His word everyday regardless of the world around them... hmmm a thought to ponder isn't it.

Do you have a favorite sport? I recommend tennis...just not anywhere near where I'm playing lest you don't mind getting hit by a tennis ball. You are warned, haha.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I love those West Texas skies

Well its been a few weeks back in Midland, at my next clinical site, and I'm having an absolute blast! Being home with family is always so great and my internship is going nicely as well. Everyone is real laid back, but I'm actually learning alot. My internship is actually in Odessa, so I get to spend a nice little 20-25 min drive every morning and afternoon. While it does get boring sometimes...the Air 1 morning show keeps me occupied in the am and admiring the west Texas skyline in the afternoons in the pm. Today as I was heading back to Midland, I noticed the beautiful popcorn clouds in the sky and began to form objects out of them...I saw an eagle, swan, a scooter, alligator, alien creature, the letters CCE in a line (those were random and weird), and a snail. I love making objects out of clouds and I think west Texas clouds are the best for it! What things have you seen in the sky lately?

On another note...Robert and I are starting to figure out how we are going to fit our stuff into the town home (which should be available at the end of the month)...I'm looking for cool decorative ideas for small spaces!

I hope you all are having a blessed week and keep your eyes on the Lord for He is going to do something amazing in our days that we won't even believe, even if we have been told! (Hab 1:5)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Good to be Home

Well I arrived back in Good ole Midland on Friday night. It was great to finally hug Robert and realize that neither of us would be packing our bags anytime soon... or hopefully ever! Yes, we are still staying with his parents, but our prayers are on finding our own place soon.

Saturday night we decided to celebrate the end to the era of long distance by having our families come together for a fabulous dinner at Abuelos. (we miss you Mike, Kelly, and MJ)... it was fun to have the nieces and nephew there ( minus one) and just enjoying amazing mexican food... with a weird waitor. I took the big kids to see the fountains while we waited for our food... J just didn't get why we were throwing perfectly good coins into the water, but he finally gave in.

All in all it is just a blessing everyday to get to wake up next to Robert and to actually not have to call each other before falling asleep...God is good! I hope you are all having a blessed week and preparing to have a safe and happy 4th!

Enjoy these pictures from Abuelos!

The big kids admiring the fountain

A precious moment with daughter and dad

A was having a fun swinging time!

So precious!