Thursday, May 28, 2009

Those Little Smiles...

Well I finally got my camera battery fully charged and so it can stay strong long enough to get pictures uploaded... Yay!

The last few weekends that I was in Midland, I had the privilege of being around my nieces and nephew...and I love them!! They are getting so big and I love their little personalities that are coming out. Unfortunately I only got pictures of 2 of them and I feel like a bad Aunt for not having my camera at the ready for my other nieces, but I will definitely not make that mistake again! But for now let these pictures show the little smiles of happiness that bring such joy to my life... being and Aunt is the best!

A trip to Chuckee nephew could hardly hold himself together to eat before we let him run around and play, but they actually have some pretty cool games there.

Yay Car Races!

So they had this awesome rollercoaster simulation ride that J and I had to do all 4 coasters on...he loved it! It almost made me sick b/c the machine actually moves around, but its not smooth at all...oh the memories...

Me and the sweet baby girl

Just a view of the roller coaster ride action

Then for Memorial Day weekend we get to celebrate my nephew's and my dad's birthdays. The little guy turned 4 this year- so big! We got to play miniature golf and it was fun to see all his friends playing with him. Plus it was Batman themed...can't go wrong there!

Me and M ate alot of ice cream (yes I spoiled her)

The Batman Birthday Boy

My little golfer buddy

He was pretty good!

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures... and to my other nieces I love you very much and need some updated pictures soon!

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