Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One last time

I would like to consider myself a professional traveler... I mean I have been alot of places in my life and I like to brag that I am a professional packer as well. I can fit anything into a suitcase (within reason) it just takes a little puzzle piecing everything in there. But even though I'm so good at traveling, at this point in time I'm a little tired of it. Yes I like going to exciting places, but I would rather see these places with my husband.

I'm glad that these next 7 weeks will be the last of our long distance journey. I'm physically and emotionally drained from having to battle the emotions when either Robert or I have to drive away from each other. Sometimes it feels like it gets easier... I mean after 7 years of on and off distance and hundreds of thousands of miles (this is not an exaggeration after I thought about just how far we sometimes had to be separated)... I'm just so ready to be counting down these 7 weeks. I don't mean to keep bringing this up to be annoying or whatever, but for anyone who has ever had to leave their loved one for an extended period of time you know that its tough. We may have been married almost 2 years now, but I say we should go on a second honeymoon after I graduate to celebrate finally getting to actually be married in the same town. Anyone want to make a donation to the Fowler 2nd honeymoon fund? haha it was worth a try.

So for now we will just celebrate 7 weeks or 46 days of distance left for our marriage. Then I will be back in Midland (and hopefully nothing will have to pull us apart from each other unexpectedly) for my last 2 clinicals and hopefully will land a job wherever God desires. I'm becoming more open to new things involving physical therapy so my job search has expanded. I'm dreading every day away from Robert while I'm here, but I'm excited for the future for this countdown to reach 0!

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