Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Neighborhood Walk

So the place I'm "working" at has the most random hours... some days we start at 7 am, others we start at 10 am, some we get done at 7 pm, and other we get done at 4 or 2... yes random. Well today we got finished at 4 so I had some time to go for a nice walk around the neighborhood in McKinney. It was a beautiful afternoon and the neighborhood is so nice and quiet. I thoroughly enjoyed it as I was enjoy walks...I think running is great for exercise, but every now and then just a nice walk is so peaceful and a much needed stress reliever (not like I'm really stressed, but its just a nice relaxing activity). Plus I love having some time to enjoy the beauty God put in our world.

My favorite activity to do while walking, especially if Robert is with me, is to critique houses. I pick little parts of houses I like to create my own house...including driveways and landscaping. I have one mighty (maybe hideous haha) house in my mind. When I walk with my parents, my dad always jokes that my mom should have her own TLC show called "Blow up that House!" She will not just critique houses, but she will literally blow up her 'not so favorite' ones with a blast from her finger (all make believe of course) complete with sound effects. The best part is when she says "oh that ones got to go...boom" and the owner is standing outside... oops! Got to love those walks... have you gone on one lately...grab a friend or loved one and just enjoy each other's company... or critiquing someone else's house :)

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Molly Kate said...

Ha ha! I love this!!! p.s. I'm excited about your new adventures in McKinney! You and Robert have really been on my heart this week and I can't wait for y'all to finally get to live in the same place- we should totally celebrate that when y'all move here! or...y'all should totally take a honeymoon-taht would be fantastic! love you! me