Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. Creature

So we know that I have a tremendous fear of spiders... as in extreme arachnophobia... but I also can't stand certain creepy crawly bugs with wings either. Of course, as I was in the shower the other day I managed to overlook a very large winged creature looming on the ceiling over my head. That is until I stepped into the shower and did my usual peripheral scan of the surroundings...a precautionary measure in case there were any spiders in there b/c I have seen spiders in my shower before... and then I spotted it. After jumping a few feet and hurtling over the side of tub, I realized that mr. creature wasn't moving...I decided then that maybe I could hustle through my lather, rinse, repeat routine before he swooped down on me (b/c of course thats what mr. creature was going to do). Well, no good. Just seconds creature decided it was his turn to flutter across the ceiling. It was time for action.

Now up to this point of my life whenever I have encountered some corta creepy crawly, I have taken extreme...or ummm...odd measures to kill the scary monster. I used to grab a spray bottle of cleaner...didn't matter what kind, but Windex works great b/c its ok on most surfaces in the bathroom... and I would assume a combat mode of attidude, sneak up to the creature, and spray the cleaner all over. I know this sounds barbaric and all, but remind you that I am seriously TERRIFIED of these things. So drastic measures must be taken...and drowning the bug in clenear until I can stomp on it just happens to be the method that has worked for me.

Unfortunately with mr. creature...I was late for work and didn't have time to assume army combat mode and find a spray bottle of cleaner... so instead I just kept a very watchful eye on him as I sped through my shower routine and ran out the door. I believe he escaped eventually and traveled on to different places...hopefully not my room now that I think about it...maybe the Walker's cat got him. Oh well... goodbye mr. creature!

41 more days till I'm home for good... but in the time being I'm loving McKinney! Its such a cute town...

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