Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where we come and go

I'm sure you are all wondering where I am, but I promise I will be able to blog alot more this weekend. I have been having a great time in College Station which is sadly about to end next week. Then we are moving out of our apartment so there is alot happening in the next few weeks.

I'll add this little bit...Our Easter was great! We missed seeing our families because Robert came down to CS and we spent the holiday with my host family. It was fun being around different traditions and sharing our own, we even went on a crazy bike ride... basically everywhere in the beginning was down hill and to get back to the house was all uphill (ahh!).... but it was fun.

So hang in there till this weekend and I can write more! God bless!

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roBUT & loLER said...

Are y'all both going to be transient and have no main apartment dwelling, or are you guys getting an apartment elsewhere?