Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am the Taskmaster!

I can't believe its already past the midterm of this clinical rotation. I'm loving College Station in every way possible and I don't know if I'm ready for it to end! Yes I'm excited about my other rotations, but this one is going so well that I want to keep learning as much as I can from it! I mean once I'm done here its off to Dallas and having to learn a new way of therapy for another 7 weeks...yadda yadda... and so forth, but I'm happily content right where I am for now. I've actually surprised myself in multiple ways with just how well things are going... as in my confidence level is through the roof, I get along with my CI (clinical instructor) better than ever expected, I've had to adapt some pretty interesting patient situations, and I've had to communicate with multiple different health professionals on a weekly basis... and I haven't freaked out yet!

So overall this experience is a thumbs up for me... of course there is still alot I need to work on and alot I want to improve... but for the most part its all smiles for now!

Title: on of my patients calls me the Taskmaster because I push him very hard every day and he always tells everyone that I'm trying to kill him... which of course is a joke... but I kinda like Taskmaster don't you?

On another note: please pray for Robert and I, he is exploring different job options and by the end of the month we kinda have to have a decision ready which is scary, but life. I'm so beyond ready to be with him, in one location, without having to worry about traveling or whatnot! It's time we got to be the married couple we've always wanted to be! So please keep us in your prayers as we seek to walk down the path God wants us to and not the one we necessarily want to... thanks!

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roBUT & loLER said...


Let me know when you're in Dallas! I miss you and would love to hangout, eat together, maybe make cupcakes sometime, eat those cupcakes, etc!

You know... Dallas is a really great place to settle!!! :P