Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Ode to Aggieland

No I'm not really going to write an "ode" I just really like that word and it fits good in a title :)

But I have finished with College Station and am beginning a fun adventure the next 2 weeks (well now 1.5 weeks but who is really counting)... we have officially moved away from Abilene into a box... yes a box... a big box, but nonetheless a box... so for now we are bumming in with our parents and trying to save up some money. We were reminded of just how much we hate moving, but we hadn't moved since we got married so I guess we are doing alright. Just tired of living out of suitcases which I've decided one of us has done at all times since February 2008...thats pretty sad. Anyways its time for that to be finished but first I have 7 weeks in McKinney, TX for my next rotation. More on this to come of course (and I really mean it since we are able to have internet now...yay!)

Now the real reason for this post is to write to you about all my favorite places in Aggieland that I got to visit before I left (and most all of these are eating places, big surprise)...
  • Sweets! aka Sweet Eugenes- the best little coffe place in CS that has Java Shakes...yumm and free internet. This is where I hung out after work in the afternoons.
  • La Bodega- home of awesome mexican food and peach shakers... dedicated to Tracy
  • Freebirds... who could go wrong with the biggest burrito ever
  • Pita Pit- also a Tracy place, their pitas are huge and somewhat a healthier choice
  • Mr. G's Pizza (the one in downtown Bryan)- resting ground for Bryan's own mob... no seriously, dedicated to my ASSIST committee
  • Reed Arena for Aggie Muster- see previous post, best tradition ever
  • Blue Baker- yes its very blue
  • It's A Grind- coffee place very quite and enjoyable
  • Pei Wei- Tracy again... I love their crab won tons
  • Rockfish- very cheap and very good seafood... Ashley and Douglas thats for you
  • Mi Cocina- love this place (Jodi thanks)
  • Kolache Rolfs- goodness
  • Cafe Eccel
  • Laynes- Chicken fingers and special sauce so good
  • A long walk around campus... in the evening when it was cool and perfectly enjoyable
  • SHAKES!! Monday Sunday is the best thing ever
  • Marble Slab and Cold Stone- I mean I love ice cream
  • Kroger- my favorite grocery store... too bad there aren't any in Midland
  • Double Dave's Pizza works- bbq pizza yay! and yes its another Tracy place
  • Honey B Ham Deli- their bread is delicious
  • can you say cheap movie tickets!
  • And not to forget Wing-N-More...wing and tender combo
  • this list is quite lengthy and I know I have more, but we'll keep it short.
Well those are my favorite places to eat... I would have loved to eat on campus, but it wasn't able to happen... next time! So if you are ever driving through the CS/Bryan area just refer to this list if you are stumped on where to have a good time! I miss you Aggieland!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So my time here in Aggieland is... over on Friday. I'm very sad because I have met some great people and had some awesome patients and experiences to share! I enjoyed almost every minute of being here and it reminds me of just how much I miss this place! I think the best part is that...

I Got to go to Muster! My Favorite Tradition at A&M that occurs every year on April 21st. It is a ceremony to honor all Aggies (current and old) who have died within the past year. A candle is lit in their memory and their name is read outloud... then someone in the audience answers "here" for them to represent that their spirit still lives in Aggieland. I love this tradition and its an honor for me to know that one day my name will be read at Aggie Muster and someone will say here for me.

"We gather today, Aggies all, to recall our past, to strengthen our ties, to honor those who have passed before us....We come today to affirm our commitment, our love for this place and all that it represents."

Jack M. Rains, Muster Speaker 1984

This next week is going to be full of fun and surprises and just time with Robert that is so much needed and I hope to be able to post more! We are moving out of our apartment on Saturday so wish us luck with that! Have a great April day everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where we come and go

I'm sure you are all wondering where I am, but I promise I will be able to blog alot more this weekend. I have been having a great time in College Station which is sadly about to end next week. Then we are moving out of our apartment so there is alot happening in the next few weeks.

I'll add this little bit...Our Easter was great! We missed seeing our families because Robert came down to CS and we spent the holiday with my host family. It was fun being around different traditions and sharing our own, we even went on a crazy bike ride... basically everywhere in the beginning was down hill and to get back to the house was all uphill (ahh!).... but it was fun.

So hang in there till this weekend and I can write more! God bless!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am the Taskmaster!

I can't believe its already past the midterm of this clinical rotation. I'm loving College Station in every way possible and I don't know if I'm ready for it to end! Yes I'm excited about my other rotations, but this one is going so well that I want to keep learning as much as I can from it! I mean once I'm done here its off to Dallas and having to learn a new way of therapy for another 7 weeks...yadda yadda... and so forth, but I'm happily content right where I am for now. I've actually surprised myself in multiple ways with just how well things are going... as in my confidence level is through the roof, I get along with my CI (clinical instructor) better than ever expected, I've had to adapt some pretty interesting patient situations, and I've had to communicate with multiple different health professionals on a weekly basis... and I haven't freaked out yet!

So overall this experience is a thumbs up for me... of course there is still alot I need to work on and alot I want to improve... but for the most part its all smiles for now!

Title: on of my patients calls me the Taskmaster because I push him very hard every day and he always tells everyone that I'm trying to kill him... which of course is a joke... but I kinda like Taskmaster don't you?

On another note: please pray for Robert and I, he is exploring different job options and by the end of the month we kinda have to have a decision ready which is scary, but life. I'm so beyond ready to be with him, in one location, without having to worry about traveling or whatnot! It's time we got to be the married couple we've always wanted to be! So please keep us in your prayers as we seek to walk down the path God wants us to and not the one we necessarily want to... thanks!