Thursday, March 5, 2009


My feet hurt... its after midnight, but I just can't seem to stop packing because I know I'll never go to sleep knowing I have more to pack and only one more day till I officially leave Abilene and head to CS. Wow... So far I have painted, folded almost all our clothes, packed up all the picture frames, tackled the kitchen, and made a disaster. At least I've been getting a pretty good workout being on my feet and lifting a million things... hence the feet hurting. I'm having mixed emotions now about all this packing and moving, but I attribute that to my needing to be in control and not having enough time to prepare kind of mind set. I have about 34 hours left to get everything done (and sleep) which just brings in the reality that times are changing. So while I drown in a sea of duct tape and boxes, my excitement keeps building (as does my longing to see my husband). I sure hope my car can handle all the books and binders I'm going to stuff into the trunk!!

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