Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Clinical= awesome! Things are great, which is a relief, and I'm getting lots of hands-on experience which is also a good thing. Plus I'm in my favorite city of all times- College Station! I love all the amazing food places/coffee shops/and Aggie-everything-everywhere! Definitely one of the loves in my life...But, I'm becoming a grandma for sure though with going to bed early and getting vary tired early (like 9:30ish to 10- I know its early!) Just not used to standing all day (thank you PT school for making me sit the last 1.5 years) But none-the-less I have been an early to bed, early to rise kind of woman lately.

An added bonus to this adventure is the amazing family I'm staying with... I'm staying with an old professor friend from A&M, her husband, and 2 sons, in their ranch style house. Its kinda out in the woods a little, but it adds some great scenery to my life... and it makes walking outside in the mornings very lovely. And we get to eat dinner together (most nights) which is very fun and makes me excited for when I have my own family to sit down to dinner with... or at least just Robert in the same town with me...

Overall the report for the first 2 days is good... exhausting, but good!
Take care everyone! (and keep praying that Robert can come home!)

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