Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Congrats to the Swansons!

I had the wonderful pleasure of being at one of my best friend's weddings this past weekend. Molly is such a sweatheart and we have definitely shared many memories together. I'm so happy for her and Jeremy! It was also great to see my other partners-in-crime, Britney and Morgan. Together we make 4 very lovely and crazy friends. We've shared alot of experiences together since we were young (before Jr. High even!) and it has been the most exciting time being together for each other's weddings (Britney's will be next year!). How blessed I am to have such great friends!
Enjoy the pictures!

The Swanson's and the Fowler's

Me and My Handsome Date

The 4 Beautiful Ladies (the most radiant is in the white!)

The 3 musketeers
There was alot of fun things at the reception- an art gallery, coffee station, chocolate fountain, and a photo area with lots of hanging frames and fabric. We had alot of fun with this as you can see!

Here's to a great weekend! More life updates coming soon...

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Molly Kate said...

Love you! These pics are amazing and we're so blessed to have you and Robert and the other musketeers in our lives! love you and miss you already! Thank you for the sweet bday wishes! Talk to you this weekend when you are here! love you