Saturday, February 28, 2009

Please turn the page

Classes are done. As in forever. Except for the one week review course we will have before we graduate in December, I will never have to sit in school class again! This is a big step in my life considering I've been going to school since I was 5... and now its all come down to this. Friday we took the scariest test ever... the practice licensure test... a test to mimic the real state licensure and to determine if we were ready to leave for our clinicals. I'm proud to say that everyone in my class passed and I surprised myself with my grade. I owe it to no one but God that I passed and couldn't be happier that the test is over!

So now it is time to turn the page in my life and head out on a long adventure of question marks. I know what cities I'll be in, but everything is up to God. Our apartment is being packed up as much as possible... meaning I'm having to pack it all up seeing as Robert is far away still. Our stuff will then be moved to a storage unit (oh goody) in Midland until we find a place to live. So we both will be living out of a suitcase for the next few months and we will not have a permanent address... kinda weird, but as I said its all a question mark.

I'm going to Houston to see my amazing friend Tracy on Monday and will be back Tuesday to finish packing and studying for my first rotation. I'll then leave Saturday for College Station... changes changes, here we go!
And Robert is climbing the windmills in WV.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The countdown...

One week of class left... ever!

Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to present my dissertation that my group has been working on almost a year. I'm very thankful for my group members and also for my family who came into town to hear the presentation. Its a big feat for my class (the Class of 2009) and I'm proud (and extremely relieved!) that our research is over.

Next week is our last week in the classroom. Friday we will take our real practice licensure- a fake version of the National licensure exam for physical therapy. I'll take the real test next year after graduation. So Friday is the test, then Monday I get to spend with my amazing friend who lives in Oregon (shes coming to Houston), then its back to Abilene for the rest of the week to pack up the apartment. From there I will leave Saturday the 7th to go to College Station and begin my first 7 week long clinical.

Exciting things are happening, I just wish Robert was here to experience it with me. The worst part about our long distance has always been not having each other around during special events/occasions. I sure hope this phase is almost over. Please pray for us as I venture out on my clinical rotations and for Robert as he is working at night in WV.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentimes Day

As my nephew would say- Happy Valentimes Day! It may have been yesterday, but its never to late. I spent a fabulous Friday night babysitting an awesome 31/2 year old and a 4 month old so my brother could take his wife to a fancy dinner. I've missed having some fun with those little ones! We made brownies (with lots and lots of M&Ms inside), made valentines, and watched Madagascar 2- I love the penguins! If you have never seen those movies I recommend, they are quite funny and have alot of adult humor in them. Anyways, my favorite line of the night was when my nephew, J, and I were making valentines... I asked him who he loved, to which he replied "GOD!"... I mean how precious is that!
It was definitely a great break from schoolwork and Abilene, plus it took my mind off of Robert not being here. I can't wait to be closer to all our nieces and nephews (except the Dallas one, but we miss her!).

Things are coming to an end at school... big presentations and practice licensure tests are coming up. Please pray for Robert and I as we continue to deal with the distance and with knowing where we need to go in life after Abilene. Blessings to all!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peanut Butter M&Ms

Alas I have sad news. With the current economy status, there is little work for the windmill companies. Especially Robert's company... so they decided to send him where there would be work to do... back to West Virginia. I mean I know its pretty up there, but I want him to stay here!! So he will be up there for awhile this time because he is no longer going to train people in a temporary job, he will be working on the windmills for maintenance. He is currently looking for a better job, but he will have to wait till the ecomony is a little more appreciable.

In the meantime, I am eating PB M&Ms to make up for my misery (thanks friends), and preparing for the last 3 weeks of class. That's right! Only 3 more weeks of class left, then its off to travel for clinicals! These last 3 weeks will be a very trying time with major presentations and the "fake" licensure test (we have to take it for practice in order to be prepared for clinicals), not to mention packing and taking care of things around the apartment. Here we go!

Amidst the craziness and emotions, its always best to remember that God is in control... always in control.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Congrats to the Swansons!

I had the wonderful pleasure of being at one of my best friend's weddings this past weekend. Molly is such a sweatheart and we have definitely shared many memories together. I'm so happy for her and Jeremy! It was also great to see my other partners-in-crime, Britney and Morgan. Together we make 4 very lovely and crazy friends. We've shared alot of experiences together since we were young (before Jr. High even!) and it has been the most exciting time being together for each other's weddings (Britney's will be next year!). How blessed I am to have such great friends!
Enjoy the pictures!

The Swanson's and the Fowler's

Me and My Handsome Date

The 4 Beautiful Ladies (the most radiant is in the white!)

The 3 musketeers
There was alot of fun things at the reception- an art gallery, coffee station, chocolate fountain, and a photo area with lots of hanging frames and fabric. We had alot of fun with this as you can see!

Here's to a great weekend! More life updates coming soon...