Friday, January 16, 2009

If I lived in a snow globe...

This is what it would look like...

We went to Vermont! We flew to Hartford, Connecticut where we stayed with Robert's friend, Tucker. All three of us drove north to Killington, Vermont where we stayed at an amazing ski resort. Skiing was fun (well snowboarding for the boys), but it was cold! The first day was nice and sunny with nice snow and ice everywhere... the 2nd day we got 6-10 inches of snow overnight and it was very overcast (but still awesome!)... the 3rd day was a snow storm- the snow was just falling everywhere! I fell in love with the scenery... in fact I will just let the pictures tell you:
A house in CT that I will someday live in... no really

This is right outside Tucker's front porch

Robert going off a jump (he's so talented :)

Don't you just love this bridge! It connected our resort to the ski lifts (thats our resort in the background)

Once again, it was beautiful! I'm glad Robert and I could have that time together

On the third day all the trees looked like this!

There are multiple stories about our trip, but they would take forever to write so if you want to know more just ask! Thanks Tucker for putting this together!

Update: Just so you know and can be praying for us, Robert is in North Dakota for his job right now... it won't be too much longer, but its VERY cold up there so I just want him to come home safely! Thanks for your prayers!

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Molly Kate said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! what AMAZING pictures! I love the one of you guys cute! Just dont get frozen..haha! Praying for y'all! can't wait to see you soon!