Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

Yeah, we look good

Wow, I haven't posted in a while... I guess its because I've been enjoying the luxury of sleeping, working out whenever I want, doing some much needed cleaning (which always makes me feel accomplished), and watching tv as much as I want. Yes, the good life... I'm trying to really enjoy it since this is the last Christmas break - so to speak - that I get.

Although I do have countless hours to waste away, I do have school work to do. I only have 7 weeks of class in the spring before I go out on clinical rotations and to make those weeks smoother we have been given some of our assignments early to work on over the break. I have to come up with my own PT business to design, order equipment, pick a name and a mission statement, and run. Well maybe not run since this is all make believe, but its our business class. So I've been trying to come up with names for my clinic which will most likely be a pediatric clinic- gotta love the kids. So any creative names- shoot them my way!

In the mean time, Christmas is coming! I'm excited to see everyone in the family, although of course as we get older everyone's schedule is hard to coordinate, but none-the-less we will see everyone at some point. But, I love the Christmas season... at the gym the other day (Gold's gym- I got a one month membership for while I'm on break) I hear these two women complain about how hustle-and-bustle this season is. Its sad that so many people only focus on how they have to get so and so this gift, mark things off their to do list, make the big Christmas dinner, yadda yadda.... This is a season to celebrate Christ people! Yes, the presents and giving gifts is fun and great and even stressful when it comes to finding gifts for people, but I don't want to forget this season and what if really means. I have so many blessings right now that they can't be forgotten or go without thanks for our creator (yes thats for Thanksgiving too, but Christmas also).

Speaking of toys... I'm a firm believer in buying Christmas gifts throughout the year. It makes the holiday season go so much easier when all I have to do is find the hidden treasures and wrap them up. We did very good this year with having gifts really early and not having to buy anything last minute.... except... one toy for one of our nieces was going to be ordered at Toys-R-Us, but they didnt have it... in fact they didn't have this toy in any store in the world I'm sure. I went to Walmart 5 times, Target, KMart, Toys-R-Us in Midland... looked online, all the stops and I couldn't find it. I really like to get our nieces whatever they want and I was really upset that I couldn't find this one doll, so I had to just get her whatever I could scrounge up at a store. Hopefully she will like something, if not she can totally take it back! So, no more relying on online purchases... they do not always come through!

We are going to midland on Tuesday and staying till Saturday or Sunday (not sure), but I will have a full report when we are done! Happy Holidays everyone and of course, Merry Christmas!


BananaBoy said...

Names: (Pediatric, aka Ped)


Peds R Us


Or why not just:
"Gotta Love the Kids"

BananaBoy said...

OK... here's food for thought.

Why do we give gifts at Christmas? Most Christians agree that Christ is the meaning of Christmas. But so many Christians decide not to celebrate Christmas saying it's just a commercial holiday. So if Christ is the meaning of Christmas, how can we celebrate Christ by giving gifts?

See, Christ's birth was a miraculous thing. But Christmas is NOT Christ's birthday. We don't celebrate the birth of Christ... afterall being born wasn't the reason for Him coming! We celebrate Christmas because He is our King, our Priest, and our Savior. Think about it. The Magi (wiseman, if you will) brought certain gifts.
1) Gold - representing they recognized Christ.. FROM BIRTH... as King.
2) Frankincense - a spice used by priests for sacrifice... some believing it carried their prayers to heaven (think: smoke) - representing that they recognized that Christ would speak for us as our priest (why i don't believe in Catholicism. I talk every day to my HEAVENLY Father)
3) Myrrh - an embalming "spice" used to anoint and prepare for burial someone of importance (and they used 75 lbs of it on Christ at His burial!) - representing that the Magi knew AT HIS BIRTH that he would die for us as our savior.

(to be continued...)

BananaBoy said...


So again I ask why do we give gifts? It isn't because of some weird "birthday celebration". No. Instead, we need to realize that we are remembering somethings very similar to what we do when we participate in the Lord's Supper (baptists) or Communion (the rest of the world).

Christ said "Do this in remembrance of Me" regarding the last supper. So Christians participate in the Lord's Supper (communion) to remember that Christ's blood and body were spilled and broken for us.

So now the answer: We give gifts at Christmas in rememberance of WHO HE IS. The Lord's Supper is a reminder of WHAT HE DID (or rather DID AND IS STILL DOING). But gifts at Christmas in remembering that He is our King, our Priest, and our Savior.

No longer should we just say "bah! Christmas is a commercial holiday!" Instead, don't spend a lot of money, just GIVE. GIVE what you can! And every GIFT you give, (THROUGHOUT THE YEAR) do it while opening a door... tell others about why we REALLY give gifts at Christmas.

God Bless. =)

BananaBoy said...

Oh, and I leave you with this.

If Christ gave His life for me... should I really be worried about what the world thinks of my traditions? Afterall, the world thinks that Christmas is a commercialized secular holiday.... do I care? Should I care?

Instead, I take a different approach. I'll give up everything I can, make myself broke, to give to as many people as I can. I have to apologize to my family since we don't spend alot of money on each other's gifts. Instead, we spend it on strangers. And yes, each time I give a gift I tell them the truth.

I say, "I give gifts at Christmas because it's what I believe. Christ gave Himself for me. And since He's my King, I will obey Him. Since He's my Priest, I will trust Him to pave the way. And Since He's my Savior, I will give everything I have because He paid my debt. I give gifts in rememberance of Who He Is."

Let's remember this for next year. Christians around the world have a bad rap because Christians around the world do NOT act like Christ. Just think... if we all started by GIVING more... give time, give money, give LOVE, just think about what the world would do as they began to see the REAL CHRIST!

Merry Christmas

PS - I think my word verification is a cool word.... "enesse".... ha