Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Finals Week...

I have IPOD ear.

You know, what you get when you have wear your IPOD in your ears for way to long, as in multiple hours of the day and then your ears remind you how long you were listening to amazing music by giving you an amazing ear ache... yeah thats me right now. I'm trying to study in my apt, because I just don't want to go lock myself in at the school or go to Starbucks where I would probably just get too cold or annoyed with people talking... so instead its me and my ipod attached to my running arm band. This is convenient b/c I can listen to music while I study and then during my study breaks getting up to eat the M&Ms from my candy bowl in the kitchen. I love M&Ms. But I've done this the last week and while its fun and convenient, I am starting to have some pain. Oh the things we do when we study!

Besides my earache (but lets not forget its at a great price for listening to my amazing selection of music, and to drown out the multiple football games Robert is watching), I am also having to battle a very bad addiction. No, its not what you think... I'm an avid nail biter. And when I say that I mean that I bite the skin around my nails, not the actual nail (well sometimes). But since finals is approaching and I've been somewhat a mind wanderer the last few days, my nails have become quite disgusting. This is my worst habit by far and Robert shares in it also, although I think I've passed him up. yes, my fingers are a bit on the bleeding, cracking side now (eww), but I'm admitting this to you so you can tell me to stop when you see me. It's so hard not to! Just think of all the biting time I will have whilest stressed the next 3 days... oh no.


Yes, it's finals week here in PT world and I'm excited to be reaching the end of my time with having to take finals or tests period! After this semester is over (on Wednesday, yippee!), I will have a short 7 week semester left and then its off to clinic rotations spread throughout this great state. Then next December I will walk across the stage for the last time and be Dr. Fowler, PT. I can't wait, one more year left!

But, till then its finals time. Back to studying (with a pitstop to the M&M jar, mmm, I told you I like them).

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