Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays and updates

Well Christmas was great as it always should be. We had multiple Christmas days because our families combine to form a huge one, so we went to multiple grandparents and parents houses to open gifts. But it was more than gifts... I love getting to see family, especially those that live out of town and don't get to come down as often. My family is large, but I love them all.

So we started out the week on Monday with out own Christmas- complete with dinner at Red Lobster (thanks Courtney!) and opening our stockings from each other. Since we are going skiing next week, we only did stocking stuffer gifts.
Then we went to Midland on Tuesday and had a larger than life dinner with my dad's side of the family at our favorite mexican food restaurant in town (Tampico). There was 26 of us... yikes! But it was alot of fun. Then, my brother and his wife and kids came over and we went caroling for the neighbors- a tradition we started a few years ago.
Wednesday consisted of time with my lifelong friends from Midland (minus Mo, we missed you!) and then dinner with my mom's side of the family.
Thursday was back with my dad's side of the family where we played a family game that my dad and his brother made up when they were young, its called Smashball. Kinda a mixture of softball and kickball, you use an oversized semiflat plastic ball... this makes it hard to predict in the air and easy to grab and throw at the runners. Meaning, you hit the ball like in softball, but then you can pelt the runner with the ball to get them out or just step on the base... pelting is more fun. Good thing I have a big family so we had just enough for two teams. However, my poor dad took a turn for the worst when he fell over and landed on his side. He bruised his side pretty badly and could have broken a rib.... all in the name of fun.
Friday was Christmas with just my parents and my brother and his family. We made breakfast and pretty much stayed lazy all day playing lots of games and just wasting the day together. Then Robert and I saw Marley and Me with my cousins who I never get to see.
Saturday was Fowler Christmas day. We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel (yum!) and then had a late lunch and big paper throwing gift opening session.
Sunday Robert and I led worship for the church so the praise team could have a break. It was kinda last minute, but we absolutely don't mind becuase God gave us the talent and we just want to be open for helping out whenever we can. Then we loaded up our loot and headed home.

Updates from the Holidays:
*we got a new kitchen table... well my parents were getting a new one, so we took theirs... its a little bigger than our old one because it has a leaf in it, so yay for new furniture!
*Sadly, our fish, Jaws, died while we were gone. He was looking quite gloomy before we left... as in he wouldn't swim around unless you almost poked him... so I figured he wouldn't make it much longer. I'm sad because he was our first anniversary gift, but I believe he lived a good, happy life.
*Robert is unfortunately getting transfered to South Dakota for a few weeks when we return from our vacation. Bummer...
*But, my friend and fellow colleague will be living with me for the 7 weeks we have left of real school, so at least I won't be alone.
*I went into the outside closet... the one with all the spider webs... we had to put up the tree and Robert made me look inside the closet... I actually didn't cry this time... yay! But that doesn't mean I liked it
*Pictures will soon be coming!
*New Years in just a few days!

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