Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays and updates

Well Christmas was great as it always should be. We had multiple Christmas days because our families combine to form a huge one, so we went to multiple grandparents and parents houses to open gifts. But it was more than gifts... I love getting to see family, especially those that live out of town and don't get to come down as often. My family is large, but I love them all.

So we started out the week on Monday with out own Christmas- complete with dinner at Red Lobster (thanks Courtney!) and opening our stockings from each other. Since we are going skiing next week, we only did stocking stuffer gifts.
Then we went to Midland on Tuesday and had a larger than life dinner with my dad's side of the family at our favorite mexican food restaurant in town (Tampico). There was 26 of us... yikes! But it was alot of fun. Then, my brother and his wife and kids came over and we went caroling for the neighbors- a tradition we started a few years ago.
Wednesday consisted of time with my lifelong friends from Midland (minus Mo, we missed you!) and then dinner with my mom's side of the family.
Thursday was back with my dad's side of the family where we played a family game that my dad and his brother made up when they were young, its called Smashball. Kinda a mixture of softball and kickball, you use an oversized semiflat plastic ball... this makes it hard to predict in the air and easy to grab and throw at the runners. Meaning, you hit the ball like in softball, but then you can pelt the runner with the ball to get them out or just step on the base... pelting is more fun. Good thing I have a big family so we had just enough for two teams. However, my poor dad took a turn for the worst when he fell over and landed on his side. He bruised his side pretty badly and could have broken a rib.... all in the name of fun.
Friday was Christmas with just my parents and my brother and his family. We made breakfast and pretty much stayed lazy all day playing lots of games and just wasting the day together. Then Robert and I saw Marley and Me with my cousins who I never get to see.
Saturday was Fowler Christmas day. We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel (yum!) and then had a late lunch and big paper throwing gift opening session.
Sunday Robert and I led worship for the church so the praise team could have a break. It was kinda last minute, but we absolutely don't mind becuase God gave us the talent and we just want to be open for helping out whenever we can. Then we loaded up our loot and headed home.

Updates from the Holidays:
*we got a new kitchen table... well my parents were getting a new one, so we took theirs... its a little bigger than our old one because it has a leaf in it, so yay for new furniture!
*Sadly, our fish, Jaws, died while we were gone. He was looking quite gloomy before we left... as in he wouldn't swim around unless you almost poked him... so I figured he wouldn't make it much longer. I'm sad because he was our first anniversary gift, but I believe he lived a good, happy life.
*Robert is unfortunately getting transfered to South Dakota for a few weeks when we return from our vacation. Bummer...
*But, my friend and fellow colleague will be living with me for the 7 weeks we have left of real school, so at least I won't be alone.
*I went into the outside closet... the one with all the spider webs... we had to put up the tree and Robert made me look inside the closet... I actually didn't cry this time... yay! But that doesn't mean I liked it
*Pictures will soon be coming!
*New Years in just a few days!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

Yeah, we look good

Wow, I haven't posted in a while... I guess its because I've been enjoying the luxury of sleeping, working out whenever I want, doing some much needed cleaning (which always makes me feel accomplished), and watching tv as much as I want. Yes, the good life... I'm trying to really enjoy it since this is the last Christmas break - so to speak - that I get.

Although I do have countless hours to waste away, I do have school work to do. I only have 7 weeks of class in the spring before I go out on clinical rotations and to make those weeks smoother we have been given some of our assignments early to work on over the break. I have to come up with my own PT business to design, order equipment, pick a name and a mission statement, and run. Well maybe not run since this is all make believe, but its our business class. So I've been trying to come up with names for my clinic which will most likely be a pediatric clinic- gotta love the kids. So any creative names- shoot them my way!

In the mean time, Christmas is coming! I'm excited to see everyone in the family, although of course as we get older everyone's schedule is hard to coordinate, but none-the-less we will see everyone at some point. But, I love the Christmas season... at the gym the other day (Gold's gym- I got a one month membership for while I'm on break) I hear these two women complain about how hustle-and-bustle this season is. Its sad that so many people only focus on how they have to get so and so this gift, mark things off their to do list, make the big Christmas dinner, yadda yadda.... This is a season to celebrate Christ people! Yes, the presents and giving gifts is fun and great and even stressful when it comes to finding gifts for people, but I don't want to forget this season and what if really means. I have so many blessings right now that they can't be forgotten or go without thanks for our creator (yes thats for Thanksgiving too, but Christmas also).

Speaking of toys... I'm a firm believer in buying Christmas gifts throughout the year. It makes the holiday season go so much easier when all I have to do is find the hidden treasures and wrap them up. We did very good this year with having gifts really early and not having to buy anything last minute.... except... one toy for one of our nieces was going to be ordered at Toys-R-Us, but they didnt have it... in fact they didn't have this toy in any store in the world I'm sure. I went to Walmart 5 times, Target, KMart, Toys-R-Us in Midland... looked online, all the stops and I couldn't find it. I really like to get our nieces whatever they want and I was really upset that I couldn't find this one doll, so I had to just get her whatever I could scrounge up at a store. Hopefully she will like something, if not she can totally take it back! So, no more relying on online purchases... they do not always come through!

We are going to midland on Tuesday and staying till Saturday or Sunday (not sure), but I will have a full report when we are done! Happy Holidays everyone and of course, Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Finals Week...

I have IPOD ear.

You know, what you get when you have wear your IPOD in your ears for way to long, as in multiple hours of the day and then your ears remind you how long you were listening to amazing music by giving you an amazing ear ache... yeah thats me right now. I'm trying to study in my apt, because I just don't want to go lock myself in at the school or go to Starbucks where I would probably just get too cold or annoyed with people talking... so instead its me and my ipod attached to my running arm band. This is convenient b/c I can listen to music while I study and then during my study breaks getting up to eat the M&Ms from my candy bowl in the kitchen. I love M&Ms. But I've done this the last week and while its fun and convenient, I am starting to have some pain. Oh the things we do when we study!

Besides my earache (but lets not forget its at a great price for listening to my amazing selection of music, and to drown out the multiple football games Robert is watching), I am also having to battle a very bad addiction. No, its not what you think... I'm an avid nail biter. And when I say that I mean that I bite the skin around my nails, not the actual nail (well sometimes). But since finals is approaching and I've been somewhat a mind wanderer the last few days, my nails have become quite disgusting. This is my worst habit by far and Robert shares in it also, although I think I've passed him up. yes, my fingers are a bit on the bleeding, cracking side now (eww), but I'm admitting this to you so you can tell me to stop when you see me. It's so hard not to! Just think of all the biting time I will have whilest stressed the next 3 days... oh no.


Yes, it's finals week here in PT world and I'm excited to be reaching the end of my time with having to take finals or tests period! After this semester is over (on Wednesday, yippee!), I will have a short 7 week semester left and then its off to clinic rotations spread throughout this great state. Then next December I will walk across the stage for the last time and be Dr. Fowler, PT. I can't wait, one more year left!

But, till then its finals time. Back to studying (with a pitstop to the M&M jar, mmm, I told you I like them).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble, Gobble & "Brother and Sister?"

Gobble, Gobble

So I know you all like my two part blog here... as if they aren't long enough sometimes! But this first part is just reflections on Thanksgiving break- it was great! We were in Midland for the whole thing and got to see my new niece, my favorite nephew, and lots of family and friends! I had wedding showers and my brother's birthday (belated) to celebrate, turkey and a million other good foods to devour, and a time to honor the memory of my grandpa who went home to be with the Lord last year on Thanksgiving. So the break was full of surprises, smiles, laughter, and some tears, but I just want to praise God for all the blessings in my life!

"Brother and Sister?"

For the next part of my blog I would like to share about a tale of going to Albertson's with my wonderful husband and my amazing mother. We are in a funny mood that day. Its Monday or something like that, and we travel to the grand ole store of Albertson's to pick up some items for dinner and Thanksgiving. All throughout the store we were joking around with each other and kinda being a little rowdy. Well at the check out, Robert and I are continuing with the smarty remarks and picking on each other while my mom pays for the groceries. The Check out lady looks at us and kinda laughs to herself. We all notice and ask her whats so funny... to our surprise she says (concerning me and Robert):

"Oh, brother and sister, right?"

Let the laughter pour out. HAHA! We just started laughing ourselves. I informed her that we were married, and that we were just playing around and goofing off because we hadn't seen each other in a while. I don't believe she was convinced since she proceeded to give us this strange look. So after we strolled away with our mountain of groceries, I had to go back to the Check out lady to get my mom's cash back she always forgets... the lady was still looking at me kinda weird and asked if we really were married... I assured her, got the money and walked out. I still don't believe she was convinced!

So, if you are married, I suggest at least acting like it at the check out counter... or just play along next time.


A wedding shower for my wonderful friend, Molly!

So glad I got to see Britney!

He is getting so big!

My camera is absolutely horrible b/c she looks way more beautiful than this, but here she is with her aunt

All cozy in my arms